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Botanical Oracle: Plantain, Plantago major

JUNE 29, 2021

Plantain is another one of those herbs that I consider a necessity in any herbal pharmacy.....



#10 Recipe and Ramblings: Bitch Blend

For my mother's 40th birthday, my father gave her a gold pendant that said #1 Bitch. She wore that pendant probably every day to the day she died. When I found this quote, I thought of my mother and her pendant and knew it would be a great addition to my Recipe and Ramblings series. Bette Davis’ quote reminds me of everything my mother taught me about being a woman in a man’s world.

Botanical Oracle: Hollyhock, Alcea rosea

The hollyhock plant has a variety of species. The most common one is alcea rosea. The hollyhock plant is interesting because the leaves, stems, flowers, and all the in-betweens can all be used for human consumption. Alcea has been used to cure fevers, treat sore throats, relieve inflammation, relieve teething in infants, digestive disorders and wound healing.

#9 Recipe and Ramblings: Hot Water Rollerball

Eleanor Roosevelt has always been a favorite for me. She always advocated for women's rights even before they were called women's rights or society thought there was a need to advocate for them. I believe she is one of the most important women in US history. She had over 35 honorary degrees, wrote a newspaper column for 27 years, and was the first to include women journalists in the White House.

Botanical Oracle: Lady’s Mantle, Alchemilla vulgaris

Lady's mantle has always been used as a wound healer. This is a very common herb that you will find in any herbal pharmacy. As is stated in the common name, lady's mantle, this herb also has quite a few uses for females. It helps reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, aids menstrual regularity, and supports premenstrual syndrome. Lady's mantle has also been prescribed for certain female conditions such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis, and has been used in certain digestive teas and tinctures to support gastrointestinal issues.

#8 Recipes and Ramblings: Shake It Cause You Got It Blend

In 2019, I was awarded Business Woman of the Year from my local Chamber of Commerce. I wasn't really expecting it, but I was excited and nervous. I am someone that is more comfortable working in the background then in the forefront. So, when I found out I would have to go in front of a group of people to accept this award, I freaked! 

Botanical Oracle: Rowan, Sorbus torminalis

Rowan, otherwise known as mountain ash, is a descendant of the rose family. The fruit of the tree is similar to dates and can be used fresh a variety of ways. There is not a lot of medicinal information on this plant as it’s not typically used in herbal medicine, but it is used a lot as a building material.  These trees and shrubs offer birds, insects, and some mammals a great deal of food because their harvests are so plentiful.