May 2023 Newsletter

May 2023 Newsletter


“When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and confused.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

May is always a month of transition for me. My birthday is in May and therefore, always a change, even if its just numerical. As a Taurus, I hate change so there is always some reflection in those areas of thought this time of year.

I am truly fortunate to have the clientele that I have. Many of you, while entrusting in me, have let me entrust in you and the wisdom you have given me is invaluable.

This month is also the end of the school year and filled with dance recitals, award ceremonies and rushing around until that Monday before Memorial Day where you wake up and go “another year gone”. Another change. I think of the lyrics from Stevie Nicks ‘ Landslide “Children get older, but I am getting older too”.

In the next few months you will see us slowing down because this is also our planning season. We plan new lines and products. I am finishing up an Intuitive Coaching Program and working with my team to get that wrapped up in the next few weeks.

We are looking at new face washes, pain sprays and the like. We have also taken the surveys you gave us to look at as well.  A new class in the Fall on Carrier Oils is on its way :).

As we build we will be travelling, Rachel is going to see family and I am going to my boat. That picture above was taken in my happy place. In the Great South Bay in Long Island, it is where my parents ashes have been spread and where I get all my life answers. There is just a small window up there compared to here, so I work a lot up there during the summer months.  This gets us  geared up for October, when the cool winds start to show up between the heat and the seasons again, change.

Thank you as always for your support. It means a lot to us!

Meredith and Staff at Faeve

New Research! We Love It!

Every month I take a deep dive into Pub-Med and see what is happening in my world. I read different abstracts and evaluate if they are good studies to bring forward to our mailing list. I know people want science, but not so much science that it confuses them.

This morning I found a “whopper” of a review. A systemic review is when a group of people researches a topic that was already studied and does a research paper combining other people's research. 

In this case “Benefit of inhalation aromatherapy as a complementary treatment for stress and anxiety in a clinical setting-A systemic review” coming out of Dublin, Ireland caught my eye.

Why is this so special? For years, we have known that aromatherapy works on stress and anxiety in a non-clinical setting. We know this because we have so much anecdotal evidence, and a few RCT (Randomized controlled trials) and Non-RCT’s as well. But I have never seen a review that studied RCT and Non-RCT at the same time with a total of 6,539 patients from across the globe regarding this topic. This is really incredible data that we have right now.

What do we learn from this study? That 70% of people in these RCT and non-RCT had a positive clinical experience inhaling essential oils. We know that much of this was reported during procedural anxiety (dental, pre-surgery, etc) but also in other areas such as in obstetrics, oncology, and sleep studies. 

The main oils? There were over 20 that were studied but the overall winners in the stress and anxiety realm were:

  • Lavender

  • Various types of orange, sweet, and then petitgrain and neroli from the orange blossom tree. Some of these were misunderstood because the common and Latin binomials were not used in the study

  • Bergamot

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Various essential oils blends consisting of at least one of the above

This brings forward a few things: 1) That Aromatherapy is starting to be taken seriously in clinical settings with the backup science to prove it.  2) That although this is a great review study; dosing, and safety were not really researched enough to make a declaration of what is safe and for duration of time. More research has to be done on this. 3) That over 15 countries' studies were included in this review, illustrating that this is a global question not just one close to us. 

My favorite part of this is that they used Aromatic inhalers or Aromasticks. These products to inhale oils are incredibly affordable and long-lasting. They also studied the oils in a diffuser, while more money upfront, they tend to last a long time. This makes this therapy AFFORDABLE, usually less than your copay for something you need to pick up at the pharmacy.

To me, this is a great, wonderful study chock full of information. I will be using the data here in my upcoming training classes, and coaching classes and pass it on to my employees as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

To view the study click here.

We have all the inhalers you need in the store! If you are out of town simply email us here and we will get one made and shipped out to you!

We are excited to announce that our first web series with Ortho-Molecular is happening tonight at 7 p.m.!

Tonight, Dylan Pate from Ortho Molecular Products will join me on Zoom to go over Foundational Health. This is a fancy name for explaining what your “every day” supplements are and what you truly need.

Have you ever gone to a doctor's office and store and seen all the bottles on the wall? Some of you may look at them and go “Oh, my goodness, I need all of them”, or some of you look and say “I have no idea what to do with these, do I even need them?”. Some may be taking the same one for years believing that something bad will happen to you when they stop.

That is the problem with supplements, sometimes we just don’t have enough education and information. So we overbuy (I am guilty of this as well) and the bottles pile up in the cabinet like we hoarding them for the apocalypse. If we took every single one of them we would be eating supplements instead of food and have an empty wallet and expensive urine. 

This is what we want you to avoid and what Dylan is here to help you navigate. I have now worked with Dylan for over 3 years and found him to be honest and ethical. He will tell you exactly what you need and why. He will also tell you what you don’t need and why.

This webinar will be on Foundational Health. This will be your ABCs and probiotics etc. We have other ones scheduled for more targeted areas like the digestive system planned in the future.

We will be giving a coupon code for Ortho Molecular products on the webinar. You must be registered to get the discount because the offer will only last 24 hours. Please note that this Zoom will be recorded. All those that register will get a copy of the recording. This means if you can’t come, you can still register for free and watch it as you have time.

Get ready to bring your questions, lists, and everything you want to know and we will see you later tonight! 

Register here

We have a very big, exciting and rare announcement. If you get excited about essential oils like we do, this is an article you don’t want to miss.

Since we source all over the world, we are also in the “know” when a rare oil comes to market. In the past month we have acquired two and they are available only to those on this mailing list. This is how rare they are.

The first oil is Emerald Frankincense: Steam distilled from Somali, this GREEN Frankincense oil comes from being steam distilled in copper. It has 11% alpha-pinene making it possible to have anti-inflammatory actions. As this is the rarest Frankincense in the world, there are not a lot of studies on this oil. This oil is available to purchase in 2 ml bottles only. We only have about 5 to sell. (see picture above). We do not know when we will get this again. This oil is best used through inhalation as it has not been studied topically.

The other oil we sourced for a Pranic Energy Healer. She wanted a Japanese Cypress called Hinoki Oil (Chamaecyparis obtusa). We also have limited availability on this as well. While this is more common than the Frankincense, this will not be sourced again in a few years as it came straight from Japan with a quick stop in customs in Oregon.

If any of these oils interest you, please see the sales page on our website. Once these are sold, they are gone. Please note that these can only be purchased through this link and not found on actual website.

Purchase rare oils here

Our April Monthly Winner is Valerie H. with the last 4 of phone number 0701. Please call the store at 352-753-3787 or email to get a $15 gift card or online code for purchase. Congratulations and thanks for your support!

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