Dollars and Scents : Just for Aromatherapists

Congratulations for taking a new step towards an amazing Profession! We are happy you found us! Welcome to Dollars and Scents Training program!

As a RA who owns a retail store as an Aromatherapist, I've had many wins and losses on my journey. 

Some of my wins have been big one's and I am bringing them to my profession.

We are now able to make kits for those that are teachers. We have competitive procing for any kits you may need, including rare oils. All GCMS tested. 

We are also offering free 20 minute business health consultations. If you need to really learn how to cost your product or your services, please contact us. Our background comes from finance and marketing and we have found that the teachers don't always give the greatest financial information to make a living. It's not their faults, just another specialty this growing profession hasn't hit yet. 

If you find yourself starting out in business of Aromatherapy and need some guidance. We are here for you. 

Perhaps, you just need a new place for sourcing oils for your projects. We are working on a wholesale site for that, so please sign up for our newsletter for when it launches.

We look forward to hearing from you if you need any new info from us or price lists. Please email for more information. 


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