Are all of your ingredients organic?

We always try to get our ingredients organic or wildcrafted if possible. We keep away from the main allergens that are common today including but not limited to soy, wheat, grain and milk. Some of our carriers have nut oils in them, please look a the labels. 

Your company is based on meditation and mindfulness. I can't keep my mind quiet for a second, how will this help me?

The start to any good meditation practice to to get excited about it. To get excited about quieting your mind and finding out what messages you are hiding within yourself. Our products are tools to hep you get excited. Think about getting a new pair of shoes before a large event or a new purse or a new job. We include tips in your product box and have tips on our site as well for your information. You can do it! 

What is your “WHY”?

We believe that wellness isn't just the absence of disease. We believe that wellness is having an equal balance of homeostasis between the mind, the body and the spirit. There are many products, tools and sciences that can help achieve that. At Faeve, we believe in using science, education from experts in their fields and intuitive education to formulate products, courses and educational programs. This gives us the power to achieve positive results for our customers and clients.

What makes you different from other companies like yours?

Faeve was started simply because there was so much false information out there. Owning alternative medical clinics for the past 15 years, the owner saw how many of the company's patients were damaging themselves under the guise of “going natural”.

It was from there that Faeve was started from a “science first” aspect. We follow changes in scientific opinion regularly so we can tell you, our customer, the most up to date information.

We also understand that a person’s genetic and environmental makeup makes everyone an individual. No one has the same body chemistry, thought process or belief systems. That is what makes us all unique. We are constantly working within those parameters to customize what wellness means to each individual person. We simply use our makeup as unique individuals as a foundation and then research what others are interested in. We see ourselves more as facilitators of individual wellness rather than just a “natural product business”.

Are all your products organic?

We find the term “organic” to be a double edged sword. We use everything naturally whenever possible. This means that some of our products may come from the most incredible sources in the world, but they come straight from the ground (sometimes known as wildcrafted) and are not processed, so there would be no organic determination on them. A better question would be to ask us, are all your products clean? Meaning no toxins or other dangerous substances. The answer to that question is yes.

All herbs that we use in our teas are FDA organically certified or organically certified by a 3rd party certification company listed within the FDA. This is where we can say that we are 100% organic. We know that if you are ingesting herbs, we don’t want anything but the best and believe that certification is needed.

Under Faeve Naked Oils, our citrus oils are all organic. Some of the others are what we call “conventional”. Conventional oils still have 3rd party Certificates of Analysis and testing requirements by us. These reports also show us if any toxins are present. We look at CoA from our distillers prior to purchase. The truth is, some farmers and distillers don’t need to get “organic” certification because of the way the plants grow or are processed. This usually comes down to the type of plant being distilled (leaf, root, rind) and the process (steam distillation, cold press etc) the plant is processed. We go more in depth in this in our engage section.

Why do your creams and lotions not all have organic certification?

To be labeled organic, your product has to be a certain percentage “organic”. We list on our website what our percentages are. This is because to make a cream or lotion, we use a percentage of oil, water and sometimes hydrosols. While these products may be organic, the chemicals we use to mix them (emollients, humectants, preservatives, straight terpenes, emulsifiers) are synthetically made in order to get the texture we desire. These cannot be organically certified. However,all of our products are free of toxins and synthetic materials that are “bad” for you. So you will see that our products may be 82% organic, or 89% organic. This just means that the other percentage is made up of chemicals to bind the products that are toxin free and clean.

Where do you get all your information?

Our owner, Meredith, knew from the very beginning that education and information is what leads this industry. Having a degree and background in business, she sources all her material directly keeping material costs low. This means a lot of overhead is subscribing to different platforms from the best educators, databases and associations in the industry. While her formal training was complete a long time ago, Faeve works regularly on other courses, scientific databases, webinars and conferences where new science and information is constantly coming out. The cost of this is rolled into our overhead giving the end consumer faith in the knowledge that everything we do and promote is solid, proven information.