July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter

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July Newsletter
We are so grateful for you during our opening during these summer months. Our first classes have been a big success and we look forward to the rest of them over the summer. Thank you all again!

Licorice a huge winner in Covid-19 herb therapy study

In September 2020 in the height of COVID-19 lockdowns a group of scientist decided to take a deep dive into herbal constituents and plant based medicine to see if there was any research on possible Covid-19 solutions. While this study was prior to the vaccines coming out, it warrants to report how important that some of these plants are for respiratory health and possible other SARS type viruses. 

The article was then accepted and available in the Journal of Biocatalysts and Agricultural Biotechnology in December 2020 when talk of the first vaccines came out.

In this study, licorice was the winner in the antiviral, respiratory and SARS and Covid-19. The main compound  glycyrrhizinic acid is where the main activity comes from. Other herbs such as Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Moringa, Oregano, Basil and Amla have studies with effective reduction of symptoms of different respiratory conditions and also different herpes illness. 

While more research needs to be done to get more definitive answers, it is helpful to know that there are plants out there that can help through challenges, and plants that we can take in anticipation of getting sick or to make part of our daily lives to protect our immune system. 

Khan T, Khan MA, Mashwani ZU, Ullah N, Nadhman A. Therapeutic potential of medicinal plants against COVID-19: The role of antiviral medicinal metabolites. Biocatal Agric Biotechnol. 2021 Jan;31:101890. doi: 10.1016/j.bcab.2020.101890. Epub 2020 Dec 11. PMID: 33520034; PMCID: PMC7831775.


Oil Spotlight: Palmarosa
 (Cymbopogon martinii) 
This is one of my favorite summer oils. Not a vastly popular oil, many have never even heard of it. From a scent perspective, it is a cross between Geranium and Rose. It has been known to be an adulterant in those two oils as well. It is a wonderful perfume oil but also has many therapeutic properties as well. 

In traditional Indian medicine, this oil has a long history of reducing fevers and bacterial diseases. There is an old wives tale that it will kill E-Coli in 5 minutes, but that does not have any empirical research at this time. 

Dr. Scott Johnson has done in-depth study of this oil and has found the following:
  • Inhalation of this oil increases glutathione peroxide levels. These are the levels that protect from free radical damage.
  • This oil can relieve pain by activating receptiors (TRPV1) that triggers pathways that rweduce pain. 
  • This oil may reverse diabetic neuropathy due to it's high level of Geraniol. 
  • Palmarosa oil is a potent antioxidant
Most people know this oil as one that is used in skincare and for acne. It's anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties can also help with wound healing and also assists in alleviating anxiety.

This is an all around great oil to keep in your collection, or to put into a blend if you are looking for an oil with a punch that smells mild and floral. 


Product Spotlight: Membrin

Ortho Molecular Membrin

This past month in the store we have had quite a few caregivers come in looking for something for their  loved ones that are suffering from dementia and/or Alzheimer's Disease. We all seem to have a story, and all of them are sad. This is a horrible disease to which there is no cure. 

This brought up a topic between some staff here at Faeve,...Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening to us? 

There have been so many studies with little answers on this disease as to the genetic, environmental,  or lifestyles that cause this. Millions of articles, but still a vast mystery. The only thing everyone can agree on is the AChE or Acetylcholinesterase is  a main enzyme that is responsible for the disease. 

This is why we decided to bring in Membrin. This is a product for Ortho-Molecular that was specially formulated with herbs to support cognitive function. 

The main ingredient in this product is Ginkgo Biloba which has many studies supporting evidence of beneficial effects on memory.

According to Ortho-Molecular:

“The brain is part of the nervous system, which is made up of neurons responsible for processing and transmitting information using neurotransmitters and electrical ion channels. Maintaining the function of various aspects of neuron communication is integral to maintaining optimal cognitive function. 

Membrin provides vinpocetine and ginkgo biloba to support cerebral blood circulation, decrease excitotoxicity and scavenge damaging free radicals. In addition, vinpocetine has specifically been shown to inhibit phosphodiesterase, and therefore helps increase cerebrovascular blood flow and improve memory. Together with huperzine A, a potent acetylcholine sparing nutrient, Membrin provides optimal dosages of three of the most well studied ingredients for targeted, multidimensional cognitive support.”

To order this product, please call the store at 352-753-2787 or email info@myfaeve.com

Classes are filling up! Come join us for our summer classes on Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine. To view the classes please click here. These are our first offerings. Get in now before Fall comes!
We are getting started on our Fall Classes. Please let us know what you would like to see! If you want something that is not on there, let us know! Click the link below to a survey!

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