February 2022 Newsletter

February 2022 Newsletter

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February Newsletter
Valentines Day Special!

We have procured some beautiful Rose Oil from Bulgaria and Sandalwood Oil from Australia. From February 8th until Feb 14th, we will have Valentines Rollerballs for sale. These beauties will be packaged in a crystal rollerball and filled with with Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Lavender and Ylang Ylang for a most romantic treat. Wear it as a perfume or pop off the top and use as a massage oil. Due to the difficultly of obtaining these special oils at this price, we will only be selling 20. Each rollerball is $27.00. They will be first come first serve. If you would like to preorder please click below and they can be picked up Tuesday the 8th after 12 Noon at the store. If you need it shipped, it will be $4.00 to ship and we can bill you separately. Just let us know. 

Order here: https://faeve.myshopify.com/admin/products/7189866807494

A study on hepatotoxicity of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes

Introductory Note: We are not researchers. We have gone to school for both herbal and aromatic medicine and have thousands of hours of education. In the past few weeks we have had people come in regarding the ingestion of essential oils for therapeutic health purposes. Drinking oils daily, even one drop, can be dangerous. We have had clients and customers with liver and kidney issues come to to the store for help because of daily ingestion of both lemon and peppermint oils. Our job first and foremost is education. We are NOT saying that oils can not be used internally. We are saying they shouldn't be used internally in water and ingested daily. Ingestion should be supported with a well versed practitioner for an acute situation. There may be some very substantial science that ingesting essential oils can be detrimental to your liver. 

What is presented here is about monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, these are the chemical constituents that essential oils are comprised of. As clinical aromatherapists, we know that all oils need carriers when used topically and inhalation should follow some simple rules as well. Are you seeking the benefits of  the d-limonene of lemon? Put some actual lemon in your water. Need peppermint for taste? Add some peppermint tea to your water or add a peppermint flavored candy instead. Did you know that one study stated that 26 cups of peppermint tea equal the potency of one drop of essential oil? Would you drink 26 cups a tea a day?

Please see the link for the abstract here: https://mcusercontent.com/42b7e19a129f10174ee592e21/files/30f0ada7-2d05-cb69-590c-bc961172e5b5/Monoterpenes.pdf
Oil of Oregano vs. Oregano Essential Oil

In recent weeks people have asked us if we have "oregano oil" . We say yes and give them oregano essential oil. We then start chatting and find what the customer is looking for is actually oil of oregano. It is very confusing.  We wanted to educate you on the differences.

Oregano Essential Oil: Very potent. Cannot be ingested. Used topically and through inhalation for pain and respiratory issues. Has also been known for use in natural bug sprays and has high antibacterial qualities. It is known as a dermal toxin, and extreme care should be used when using it topically. Ingestion can do a high amount of damage to the mucous membrane and should be avoided. The best way to use this oil is usually diffusing or inhalation. 

Oil of Oregano: This is an digestible oil that can be found as a bottle of oil or in a capsule. In this case, oregano leaves are infused in a carrier or what we would know as a cooking oil (think coconut or olive for instance) and then ingested. It has all the goodness of the oregano essential oil, but the way it's made simmers it down so that it can be ingested. Some of our family members use it with their pasta dishes. We sometimes have this in the shop, but there are other places in around that have it as well. We will be making oil of oregano in our kitchen medicine classes.
Do you have pictures of you and your friends from one of our classes? We are redoing our website and are looking to spice it up a bit with pics from the store. If you would like these pictures featured on our website please send them to info@myfaeve.com
It's Immune System Season!  Our favorite product is Viracid by Ortho Molecular for quick immune challenges. These come in a handy blister pack so when travelling, you can just throw one in your bag and take as needed. Great for flying!

See below for clinical information. 


Rewards and Discount Plan

We have implemented a new text messaging rewards and discount plan. We hope this will be easier and more beneficial for our customers. We will send about 3-4 messages a month with special discounts and rewards that will not be publicized anywhere else. Free items, BOGO, discount, whole store sales is what you can expect. To become part of this please sign up here:

Speaker Series Wednesday February 16 at 1 pm

Come join us for our second in our speaker series! These free events are to let our customers know what type of services are available to them in The Villages. This month, we will be having dowsing master Karen M. Durham who will be discussing Vibrational Energy Healing. Human beings are networks of complex energy fields that interface with the physical. When these vibrations (energies) are out of balance, the physical body experience illness. The balancing of the energy fields supports health to the cellular physiology body. This event is free to the public. 
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