June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter

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June Newsletter
Welcome to our First Store Newsletter! We are incredibly grateful for all of you that have supported us at start up going into Villages off season. We are grateful and blessed!

New Study Proves Essential Oils for Pain Relief

In a recent systematic review and metal analysis, research shows that the use of certain essential oils has been shown to prove effective with pain management.

March 2021 saw a group of scientists pull a meta-analysis on essential oils that were good for pain. This study was published in the Frontiers in Pharmacology Journal. 

Essential Oils of Ocimum basilicum (Basil), Eugenia caryophyllata (Clove Bud), Zingiber spp. (Ginger), Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot), Citrus aurantium L.  (Nerol)i, Eucalyptus Globlus and spp)( Eucalyptus), Chrysopogon zizanioides (Vetiver)  all had positive responses when tested on mice. To our knowledge at the time, there have been no human studies in this yet.

Looking at all these oil from a chemical standpoint, one can see that they all have a few chemical constituents in common: linalool, 1,8 cineole and (d)limonene.

Lumping these oils together based on their chemical constituents is called Functional Group Theory (FGT) and scientists and researchers in the essential oil world have been arguing whether or not this theory is plausible. While we are not getting into a discussion of FGT at this time, we do believe that using oils high in these chemical constituents is a good place to start when looking for pain relief and other analgesic activity. 

How do you do this? A simple google search into your favorite brand with the words GCMS report or going to other sites that offer GCMS reports to their customers. 

Simply adding these oils to a fractionated coconut oil, unscented lotion, etc. will have great benefits for pain relief. Please remember to use the oils diluted and not straight on the skin.

For a more detailed look at Frontier's study, click here!
Herbal Spotlight: Dandelion
 (Taraxacum officinale) 

I remember being a little girl and watching Dandelions growing on my lawn. My friends and I would pick them and wipe the heads on each other's arms like yellow tribal paint. Then we would pick the ones that had bloomed into the feathery parts and blow away our wishes to the universe. 

Jump forward 35 years. My dream that I wished for then, came true about 2 years ago. More importantly, I believe this plant is actively saving my life on a daily basis.

Simply put, this plant is THE BOMB. Did you ever think how cool nature works to take such a strange plant medicine and just let it pop up on your lawn for all to eat? I don’t believe this is a coincidence, I believe it's Mother Earth trying to tell us something. 

High in potassium, the roots and leaves of this plant is where the good stuff is. I use the leaves in salads when I can. Roots usually need to be dried, cut and sifted for multiple uses, otherwise it is great for a tea.

Dandelion is known to herbalists as the plant that mimics the pharmaceutical drug Furosemide. It is used to reduce the amount of fluid levels in the body and stimulates kidney function without the loss of vital vitamins and minerals like the pharmaceuticals do. 

I like using this herb as a general tonic. This means that it benefits so many parts of the body and strengths so many organs and systems it’s powerful enough to use everyday, similar to a multi-vitamin. 

There have been studies how dandelion also helps clear out the liver and gallbladder. If one has ongoing gallbladder issues, using dandelion daily can assist in supporting a healthy gallbladder and possibly reduce the amount of attacks a person may have. 

Think of this herb as a cleanser of everything in the body. So if you have inflammation, it can assist, especially with the help of other plants, lower inflammation by “cleaning” the blood and muscles that are causing inflammation.

If there is one herb to have in your garden or herbal pharmacy, Dandelion should not ever be left out. 

Product Spotlight: Balance Supplement

Ortho Molecular Balance


One of the most common issues we hear about in the store has to do with female hormones: too much, too little, PMS, menopause. It’s no wonder there are so many products out there because each one of our bodies processes hormones differently and each of us have different specific needs.

As an Herbal Apothecary, we understand that not everyone wants to sit down, drink a cup of tea 3 times a day to get their medicine. We also realize that tinctures are also not for everyone, this is why we brought in a line of herbal supplements. 

This supplement, Balance, addresses the needs of women needing to maintain a healthy hormone level. The three main ingredients in this supplement are Chinese licorice, which is an adaptogen; white peony and chaste tree, which are known to be an estrogenic and progesteronic herb. 

I love this herbal blend. These are in my PMS blends, but so much easier in pill format for some.

According to Ortho Molecular:

"The main ingredient in Balance is Chaste berry extract, which has a long history of providing effective support for healthy menstrual cycles and normal levels of the hormone prolactin. Licorice root has been shown to support adrenal health. Peony Root helps promote balanced progesterone secretion, ultimately maintaining long-term hormone balance. Studies have shown that when used together, Licorice root extract and Peony root extract support normal DHEA levels, decrease prostaglandin production and normalize prolactin levels. "

This product can be purchased from our store, or if out of town just call the store at 352-753-2787 for shipping options.

Essential Oil Book Review: The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy 
Valerie Ann Worwood

This is the first book that I purchased when I started my studies. This has been a staple book in many Aromatherapy libraries for years.

The main reason is that it is a crash course on EVERYTHING. It has a materia medica (profiles of most popular essential oils), recipes to understand blending techniques and formulation and chapters on certain populations (ageing, women, men, children).

This book is used more as a research go to then a start at the beginning and read to the end type of book, although it could be used as so. 

The dilution rates in this book are not as up to date as modern research, but it is a good start to understanding how essential oil calculations are made. 

New research has also come out on many oils as their therapeutic qualities are becoming much more intriguing to researchers across the world. You will not find the cutting edge research in this book, but you will find data from over 15 years of research and anecdotal experience.

There is a reason why this Aromatherapy book is one that everyone reaches for as they start their studies. If you are starting your education, or simply just a hobbyist that doesn’t want to hurt themselves, this is the book for you. 

To purchase this book on Amazon please click here: https://amzn.to/3gxfsRA


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