March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023 Newsletter



Our new website will be launching next week!.

This website has been a dream come true. Interactive, personal and full of information, it truly stands behind who we are. We have added so many new things for you!

Included in our new website:

  • Quarterly Zoom “Tea Times” with speakers to replace the in person ones. This will give everyone a chance to watch and participate from their own home. Best part, they will be recorded. So even if you sign up but can’t get there, as long as you register they will be emailed to you, making sure you don’t miss any content you want to watch. These are FREE!

  • Monthly “Tea Time” Chats, with Meredith on various topics. Think about when you come in the store, and have a conversation about something off topic. While the titles of these try to stay where we want to go, it is not scripted and you can meet like minded people and we can all just have fun together. Again, these will be recorded. This is FREE!

  • Faeve Naked Oils is now front and available to public. 24 oils from all over the world. All with testing reports for your viewing pleasure. You will find our prices grossly competitive with higher quality.

  • 4 of our Herbal Deep Dives are now online classes. Priced less than in store, these courses gives you everything you would of learned in person, plus more for less money. These can be done on your time time at your own pace. Questions afterwards? Just drop us a line.

  • The Unapologetic Empath brand is now introduced. This is our holistic and intuitive coaching arena. Meredith has always been a firm believer that we need to meet people where they are in order to create light and peace within each other. She has taken her 25 years of schooling on herbs, aromatics, human consciousness, life coaching ,comparative religion study and cognitive behavior therapy classes to offer an online training to find and use your own intuition within your own systems. But more importantly, and more fun, crystals and other wellness items are also available online. While these items are held in stock in the back of the store, the are not stocked for store sale.

Right now we are set to “launch” March 7th. You can reach the site by clicking below. Otherwise, we will be sending an email out the morning of, with a coupon code for the first 24 hours that can’t be beat.

Check out new website here!

Franklin Health Research is a leader in Natural Wellness clinical studies. They currently are seeking volunteers for a gut based microbiome and how it impacts health. The study is open to men and women aged 18-80. Please see email and link. This is free to participate in and you do get comped for your time. Please see full articles on the link.

*Note: Dr. Hawkins who runs this research is a inspiration for Meredith. Meredith has listened and followed her for many years. Faeve nor Meredith receives any compensation for this. It is simply to get Dr. Hawkins as much data as possible so she can continue to be the rock star that she is!

Link to Clinical Trial


There isn’t a week that goes by that we do not hear about this. If you have followed us online, you know that we try to put this old wives tale to bed constantly.

As we know we are just a speck in the universe, we know that our message doesn’t always get out. This is why we are posting yet another article new research regarding this. You can read the article here.

We hate on social media when there is a “click here” tag line. So we will tell you the answer is “NO” this is not true, but the articles breaks down new research why. Robert Tisserand, the foremost researcher in Aromatic medicine is the author.

No matter what you get out of today’s newsletter, new website, research and so on… Please consider taking this article and forwarding to those people who are interested in the subject. The only way to move Aromatic Medicine forward is to get rid of the old wives tales. This is how we do it.

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