November 2022 Newsletter

November 2022 Newsletter

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It’s 51 degrees here today and we're warming up by drinking a cup of one of our newest tea’s, Ayurvedic Chai. We can’t wait for you to try it!

We apologize for doing October and November at once, but Meredith was out of the office for 3 weeks and the employee's were holding down the fort. Thanks to everyone along the way!

We have a few big announcements to make in this newsletter. We are releasing a series of new products the next few weeks and have spent a lot of time organizing the largest sale that we have ever had for Thanksgiving weekend. 

For those of you who follow Faeve Naked Oils, there is some new excitement in that direction as well. Meredith has now been in contact with distributors from Bulgaria and Somalia along with South Africa. These are some exciting times as Aromatherapy is now popping up in more studies, clinical institutions and home care establishments such as Hospice. 

We hope that the start of the fall season brings you at least one day of a big comfy sweater, warm tea and happy planning as we go forward into the end of 2022. Thank you as always for your gifts and time and graciousness as we move forward serving you, our customers and growth as a company itself.

Need Energy?

This month's study is called “Aromatherapy blend of thyme, orange, clove bud, and Frankincense boosts energy levels in post-COVID-19 female patients: A randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial”.

The head researcher was Dr. Jessie Hawkins. This is exciting to us because Dr. Hawkins has always been a source of inspiration to the staff at this company. She is a kind, down to earth, brilliant woman and Meredith has even spoken to her about the possibility of doing trials with residents of the Villages. To see this study in Complementary Therapies in Medicine is a huge advancement for the professional and clinical science of Aromatherapy. Even more interesting was that this study was funded by a multi-level marketing essential oil company, Young Living. 

Essential oils of thyme (thymol chemotype), orange, clove and frankincense were studied to see if the oils would increase energy levels in women who have suffered from Covid-19 “long haul” symptoms such as hypertension, fatigue, cognitive impairment, headaches and PTSD.

Findings suggest that overall energy levels and vigor was increase and improved quality of life from inhalation of these oils 2 times a day for 14 days.

This blend of oils is available in our Apothecary for those that are interested. 
Click here to read the study.
Keep an eye out for the schedule next month!
Pine Needle Tea

We have been getting a lot of requests for pine needle tea in the store. Currently, we don’t carry it.

There has apparently been an Instagram post touting the benefits of this tea. This is perhaps a bad case of what we like to call the “Dr. Google’s”.

Faeve Apothecary is a Modern Apothecary, that means we work with all plant and plant materials that are available. It also means that as either certified, master, clinical herbalist and aromatherapist, everything we do is based in science. We will not tout any type of plant support for conditions unless there is clinical evidence there, and usually a lot of it.

There is no current covid-19 clinical evidence on pine needle tea. In fact, there are numerous types of pine needles and “white pine needle” is not a botanical name. Ingesting the wrong type of pine needles can be toxic. 

The plant constituent shikimic acid is what the poster was referring to. Now, this has been tested as far as representing benefits to that of the pharmaceutical drug tamiflu. In these studies, they isolated the acid from the plant and that is what the study is on. Not on actual tea, that type of extraction is something the average person would not be able to achieve at home. 

As far as altering DNA and shedding virus components, the science is not there. 

Thinking we were missing something, I called two of the largest herbal wholesalers in the US. These are the two largest dispensaries for herbal plants and products that have access to farmers all over the world.

Guess what they don’t have? Pine needle and pine needles tea. When asked why they don’t , I was simply told that there isn’t enough science as to what botanical pine is actually beneficial, because the science isn’t there. 

Once science has shown itself to be a safe product we will be sure to carry it. Until then, we’re still searching. The essential oils in the pine spruce family are wonderful for viruses and pain, we know this because science has proved it. 

When starting a new plant material regime we ask you to look at the National Institute of Health Website, Pub Med, or any articles that have .edu on it. This will be where you find the information that you are looking for. Please be careful where you get your information. 
We would like to introduce our new tea line: “Always Tea Time.”

The basis behind our new line started with a conversation about the Mad Tea Hatter and Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes, we just go down these random wormholes during the day. That conversation turned into, well, what were they drinking at tea time? Did they use “magic mushrooms”, or did it come from the Queen of Hearts garden.

From there, we got here. People asked us if we had “everyday” teas. We are very proud of our therapeutic tea line, but that was formulated with herbs that are good for this condition and then add things to make it taste bearable. This line, we went with taste first. We started talking about rose petals and jasmine flowers. What a chai really is, and more and more wormholes we went. 

So when we got to work, we had 15 samples. 8 samples made the 2nd cut. Then we tasted them and decided that some “needed something”. Then we had to track down that “something”. 

This line is a beautiful introduction of how plants together aren’t just beneficial for your health, but they can taste delicious as well. 

Please read on to introduce our new herbal friends to Faeve. All 65g bags are $15.00.

Sunny Day Tea: This tea was created after Meredith was doing yard work at her house and needed a refreshing drink. She added these herbs together fresh and dried and macerated them in water, simple syrup and seltzer. When she got back to the lab we thought it needed a little more floral, so we added jasmine. This is now our “summer” tea. Hot or iced, this quenches your thirst. There is a simple way to make this into a refreshing alcoholic cocktail as well. 

Ayurvedic Adventures Chai Tea: This Chai is a mix of cardamom pods, clove, ginger, anise and other herbs. We’ve taken that taste and added some citrus and chocolate to give this a smooth warming and yet very satisfying cup of tea. We find that this tea also stimulates your mind when doing tedious mental tasks. 

Hearty Honeybush: This was a start of Meredith and then finished by Rachel. We had this very nice blend where we wanted the health benefits of Chaga mushroom and then Rachel jumped in and said add Honeybush! So once we added the honeybush, this took this tea to a whole new level. It has a citrus, earthy taste and is a wonderful tea to drink before bed for relaxing into your evening. 

Garden Lullaby Tea: This is the tea that we envisioned Alice was drinking with the Mad Hatter. Goji berries, blackberry, and lavender round out the main herbs in this tea which is refreshing and light. These herbs also support the immune system and central nervous system, helping Alice get back to the real world. 

Butterfly Bloom Tea: We’ve been seeing “purple tea” out on the market. Rachel finally researched it and found that Butterfly Tea Flower from Thailand has recently become available to us. This is our main ingredient in this tea, giving it a beautiful purple color. Lemon verbena, hibiscus, rose and even catnip round out the tea, giving a fresh, fruity taste with a herbal aftertaste. Not only does it taste good, but the color is gorgeous!

Rose Garden Tea: What we felt that the Queen of Hearts would be drinking right before she told someone “Off with her head”. This tea is rose and mint all over. A little mild, a little spicy. Adding a dollop of olive leaf at the end also makes it great for those who need to support heart health. A little irony for the Queen of Hearts.
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Last year for the holidays, we did a “custom apothecary box”. While these sold well, we received a lot of feedback that maybe we didn’t do it just right. 

So we’ve had a year to think about it and have made some major changes. While this will be advertised in the newspaper and social media, we wanted to give you all the details first.

This year we will be doing a massive Apothecary box sale. In this box, you, the customer, get to put in what you would like. We will have 3 tiers, Lavender ($50.00/20%), Chamomile ($75.00/25%), Sage ($100.00/30%). The dollar amount is what it costs, the percentage is the discount you are getting on the products. We will also have the true “Custom Box” where over $150 you get 35% off each product and a free additional gift to use in the box or keep for yourself. 

Every item in our store excluding supplements will fall into 1-4 groups. Our store will be turned inside out and items will be placed by Group Number. Each box has a certain amount from each group, giving you a fully customized box at a big discount. You will grab a box and one of our lovely assistants and build the perfect gift for whoever you are searching for. You want a custom shampoo and then a crystal? We can do that. A tea mug and diffuser? Yup. Just a beautiful box of herbs? All aromatherapy? We have you covered. We also have been shopping all summer for some new items that are stored in the back just for this sale! 

“But wait, there’s more….”

We will also be offering a full sized holiday card for you to write your greeting in and wrap the box as well in the holiday paper of your choosing. Not going to see that loved one? Don’t want to go to the post office? We will ship and mail for you as well, sending you a tracking number so you have 1 stop shopping. Cost of shipping will be a discounted flat USPS rate. 

For those that aren’t into custom choosing, we will also be offering a variety of premade boxes as compared to just the one last year. Boxes include, hemp product box, tea box, pain box, aromatherapy box, meditation box and more. These will also be on display and the premade boxes will also be on the website starting in November.

We will open the sale Friday at 10 am and run it until Monday at 7 pm. We don’t want you to lose out on having a chance to go to Best Buy to get a new discounted apple product so we decided to keep the sale open for 4 days. However, once certain items are gone, they are gone and will not be replenished until after the holidays. 

We hope that you will find time to support our small business and let us work with you to make this the best gift ever for that loved one!

Plant Power Hair Oil

Hair oils are the new rage. Oils can stimulate follicular activity and absorb into the hair shafts. We have been watching the market and see hair oils in the 60-70  dollar range filled with synethic ingredients and ingredients that hae no truly clinical value. So we started to reserach and found that there are a few carrier oils that have been studied to support hair growth and health. We then decided to take it a step further and add some true real plant power.

Created by Master Herbalist and Registered Aromatherapist with crazy hair and an organic herb garden. Tested on all hair types.

  • The only oil on the market that is artisan infused, and created from phytotherapy science with a combination of the best hair oils on the planet. 

  • Every batch from beginning to end is hands on by Phytoherapy trained artisans. From choosing the herbs, to infusing them, bottling them and adding scent. We do not work on mass assembly lines and all of our employees are trained in botanical formulation before they can even touch an ingredient. 

  • This is a gorgeous plant based product with not one ingredient that does not come from the Earth. Our ingredients are property to the earth, our ratios are proprietary to us. 

  • We have the ability to give you all the testing reports and chemical analysis on each one of our products, assuring their quality and consistency.  

    About the botanical plant ingredients:


Rosemary: We infuse organic right off the plant  Rosemary into our ingredients. Rosemary has been studied and proven to support hair growth and stability. It improves cellular regeneration in the scalp. By infusing the plant within the oil we are capturing the benefits of it’s natural essential oil as well as its other chemical constituents for more beautiful hair. Rosemary has also been known to stimulate the brain and give your memory a boost. 


Lemongrass: Lemongrass helps reduce the amount of oil in the hair. Again, this oil is infused with fresh organic lemongrass. Lemongrass also stimulates the follicles sporting hair growth and follicular health. Lemongrass also supports the reduction of dandruff and possible skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis on the scalp. 


Our hair oil can be custom formulated to include both Rosemary and Lemongrass or if you prefer to have neither, we have that option as well. 


About the oils themselves:


Baobab Oil: This oil comes from South Africa. It is full of Omegas of 3,6 and 9 and linoleic acid. This is a wonderful hair moisturizer and will strengthen weak brittle hair. This will support healing of over dying and highlighting.  This oil is full of vitamins A, D and E and some studies suggest that this oil can trigger hair growth. This oil is absorbed deep into the hair follicles giving new growth an extra dose of vitamins and minerals that you may not get with regular shampoo and conditioner. This oil is non greasy and absorbs quickly into any type of hair. This oil also supports anti-inflammatory processes which is a bonus for those with scalp conditions. Some studies suggest that this il may offer protection from UV rays, but this has not been clinically proven.


Abyssinian Oil: This is a well known oil that is known for its superior action in hair care. This oil hydrates and strengths the hair follicle. This oil will help and support the repair of split ends. This oil is high in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E. It is full of healthy fatty acids that hair follicles love. This is a non greasy oil that decreases frizz and heat damage. This oil has also been studied to assist in supporting dandruff control and will boost the shine of your locks.


Mongongo Oil: Otherwise known as Manketti Oil from South Africa this oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid and vitamins E and C. This oil has been known to help heal broken strands and split ends and control frizz.

Carrot Seed Oil: Some studies show that carrot oil supports thicker and faster hair growth. True carrot oil is a gorgeous orange color. This ingredients helps with split ends and in our tests, helps with dandruff as well.

Pequi oil: The most famous and best for last oil on our list. This magical oil produces a large amount of Vitamin A and E in its seeds and oil, making this a heavy hitter for healthy hair. It also will lock mositure into your locks and reduce frizz.


Oil Scents


Lavender Blossom: A mix of organic Bulgarian Lavender essential oil and Ylang Ylang essential oil. A soft, floral fragrance that can be best termed as feminine and romantic. 


Citrus Heaven: An energetic mix of our favorite citrus oils: Tangerine, Mandarin, Lime and Lemon. This makes for a great morning hair oil, full of energy and bliss. 


Root Raven: A blend of oils that help you ground yourself and give you a deep earthy musky scent profile. A mix of Frankincense, Patchouli and Sweet Orange gives that deepness of grounding with a little pep from Sweet Orange. 


Plant Power: A mix of Rosemary, Coriander, Lemongrass and xxx. This blend will give your hair follicles, scalp and strands an additional shot of plant botanicals but have also been studied to improve memory, keep focus and stimulate brain activity. 


How to use:

  1. Morning shower routine no blow dry. Come out of the shower and add one full dropper to various places on the scalp. Rub in lightly with your fingertips, brush all the way through. Style as usual. Will not interfere with styling products. Think of it as the foundation for your hair. 

  2. Morning showr routine blow dry: During our testing, those who blew dry their hair daily found that adding it to their hands during styling (curtly hair) or putting a small amount of oil before blow dry or straightening on problem areas (ends for instance) gave the strands much more stability. Those testers with very straight hair found that combing through after blow dry gave a nce non greasy shine and sheen to their hair.

  3. As a hair mask: we do not recommend using this product as a hair mask daily. This is best used weekly as a hair mask. For the most beneficial results start at the top of the scalp and place 3 full droppers into the scalp. We like one full dropper directly on top of the center of teh head, on the front of your head about 1 inch from your hairline and the last one split about 1 inch above the ears. Use a wet brush or comb to comb through until you feel the oil has been absorbed. Then take your hair and split it down the center creating 2 areas (think if you were making pigtails)take one dropper and empty it into your hand and lightly run your hands so the oil isn’t spilling from your hands. Take your hands and run from right under your ear to the end of your hair. Do this on both sides. Wt brush or comb through. Finally, separate the hair again and take one dropper into your hands like above and soak the ends in the oil until absorbed. Do on both sides. Leave on for one hour or for deep conditioning, sleep with the oil in your hair (will not leave any residue on your pillow). For best results, when rinsing do not use shampoo the first time, just conditioner if necessary. Many find that you don’t need any product after rinsing the first time after an overnight soak.

  4. For targeted area (split ends, dandruff, skin conditions). A small amount will do. For areas such as red spots due to skin conditions, one drop may do the trick a few times a day. For split ends, one dropperful and combed through the nds daily for a week will show signs of repair. 


Other non traditional uses:

  1. The Librarian: Put your hair up in a bun. In the center of the bun, add half a dropper full when the bun is complete. If you take your bun down within 5 hours of the application, your hair will tumble down with this gorgeous scent that will make people’s heads turn. If you need instruction on how to do this properly, just watch any 80’s rom com or drama. 

  2. The Soak: Add a full dropper to hot running water when you get into the bathtub. The scent will mesmerize you and your body will have a full moisturizing treatment. We suggest candles and tea or wine, but that’s totally up to you. 

  3. The Faceplant: Run out of moisturizer for your face? Adding just a few drops of this to your face will work wonders for your complexion. Many of us use the oil for both, but it truly depends on your skin type. If you find yourself in a facepalm moment because you forgot to get your favorite moisture, no fear it’s here!

  4. The Skin Spot: do you suffer from patches of dry itchy skin? A few drops daily should support healing. Once it gets to a state that you are comfortable in, discontinue use. 

  5. The Addition: we love this oil by itself on it’s own, but if you are looking for additional support from your shampoo or conditioner, 5-6 drops per ounce of your commercial shampoo or conditioner will give these products a healthy plant boost. 

  6. Meditation Madness: adding a few drops of this oil (especially root power) around your ears and on your neck before your meditative practice will find you get into a deeper state a little bit faster. 

  7. Plain Jane: Are you an oil enthusiast or hobbyist? Wondering what to do with those little bottles around your house? Purchase the plain and add your own oils for your own scent or therapeutic purpose. For safety and sensitivity issues do not use more than 50 drops in the bottle. Start with 20 and move slowly up to 50. Please do not exceed 50 drops per bottle.

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Calling all crafters!

We know what an amazing place The Villages is to live. We know that while the developers are always working hard to create new things, you too are taking advantage of what the lifestyle offers and are creating new things too!

This is why during our huge holiday sale, we would like to offer resident crafters to sell their wares. Do you make your own Chritsmas ornaments? Perhaps, eye pillows? Craft pillows? Coaters, zen drawings, small paintings? We would like to showcase local crafters in our event whose products could fit in with our Apothecary lifestyle. 

If this is of interest to you, please send a picture of your craft, your approximate pricing and quantity of what you can offer to

We look forward to hearing from you! 
Holiday Classes and Parties 

Our soap and lip blam classes are starting to fill up for the holiday season. This is always our busiest time of year because you can make a large quanity of product for a low price and have fun while doing it! Best gifts ever!

Have a group of friends? We shut down the store for you and let you bring in food and libations while making your products. We can hold up to 10 people at a time.

For parties please email

To see our schedule please click here
Happy Thanksgiving from Meredith:

2022 has been a whirlwind of a year. Year 2 of the LSL Store, growth at Mulberry, a medical leave and being a Mom and employer all at the same time.

This year, I learned grace. Grace to accept the things that came my way that I had no control over. Grace to accept my own flaws and be kind to myself with my own setbacks.

Mainly though, I am grateful. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I'd like to give thanks and gratitude to so many people and to the universe at large. The last few weeks I've had a lot of time to stop and reflect. I've learned some important lessons. These lessons are important to me to share because they make me stronger, more open and a way for me to better serve my clients and customers.

This year I am thankful for my friends and family. This has been a hard year and I've been fortunate to have great family and friends to see it through. 

Penny Holmes, a dear friend of mine and the closest woman I have to a mother figure would tell me...Meredith, you're just a soul having a human experience. Give yourself some grace. 

I've learned new styles of management to meet people where they are. This change in mindset has given me a great team of employees at Faeve and Mulberry. I have beautiful people and beautiful brains and intelliengence surrounding me. Without them, I couldn't of "done" this year. 

Alliance of International Aromatherapists is a worldwide association for clinical aromatherapists in the world. I am fortuante enough to be the treasurer of the organization. I work with some beautful wonderful women. Most of them are older than me, and wise sages. I thank the time and space I get to spend with them and how they also taught me to give grace to myself during times of deep self doubt.

My clients and customers have grown so much this past year. While I am grateful for this, I am also in awe. In your search for information, you inspire me to be better. Do better, research better. Go that extra mile. I truly have the best job in the world and sometimes, I think I forgot that. Thank you to you, my customers and clients for bringing that back to the forefront of my "why". I love your questions, your wisdom, your search for knowledge and being able to faciliate assisting you doing what I love.

At the end of the day, this Thanksgiving I will be grateful for all these things and more. Mostly, I am grateful for love. Love of myself, love of others and love of being. I have deep gratitude for those who have taught me lessons, loved me when I didn't feel or possibly behave in a loveable manner, and giving me love to figure it out. For understanding now that grace and love go hand in hand, and without them, your life is not as full.

So Thanksgiving, as I give gratitude I will also pray and meditate that all of you find and accept grace and love into your lives as head into 2023.


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