January 2023 Newsletter

January 2023 Newsletter

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New Year, New You?

I have a friend that is a Methodist Pastor. Every year at the beginning of the year she chooses a word to define her year and works her life around that with her goals and aspirations. For instance, one year it was Brave. Another one of mine was Compassion. This year I have chosen the word Expand. 


I’ve taken this process a little further by adding a signature scent to it. To remind me and ground me to stay within my word. In this case I wanted to find a blend that encompasses my brain to always think outside the box and look at other sides of things.


For this 5 ml blend I will be using:


30 drops Peppermint

20 drops Ginger

30 drops Sweet Orange

10 drops Coriander

5 drops Palmarosa

20 drops Spike Lavender

20 drops Cypress


While this has a lot of oils in it, these oils are my friends. When I need to concentrate, focus, calm down, gain clarity…these are all the oils that I run to. So to put these all in one bottle is to use all those traits and Expand them. 


What is your word for the New Year? Do you want to make your signature blend for your word? Let us know! If you are in our area, come on in and we will help you. Far away? Just click below and email us. 

I want my own 5 ml Blend formulated for my 2023 Word!

Pediatric Uses of Essential Oils

All the presents have been opened, school has restarted and all of the children we know and love are starting their New Year. Social Media such as Tik Tok, Instagram and Snapchat have all advertised how great essential oils are for a variety of ailments. However, as many of our teens and kids received their first set of oils and diffusers for the holidays, there isn’t a lot of information on the possible guidelines that children should have using these oils. 


This is why we think it is a perfect time to give some general guidelines when working with children and essential oils. 


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), children breathe in more air per pound of body weight than adults. They also have thinner skin, and put their hands in their mouth much more often than adults do. Given that information, it’s important that we teach our children safety!

  1. Essential oils are plant medicine. Just like any other medicine, they need to be used with adult supervision.

  2. Possible allergen or sensitizer to other medicines a child is currently taking. It is always a good idea to have those under 14 double check with their doctor before using oils if on another pharmaceutical medicine. This Is especially true for children that have asthma or other chronic issues.

  3. If children are going to start using oils for therapeutic uses, please contact a qualified Aromatherapist beforehand.

  4. Always use essential oils that are pure. A quick rule of thumb is if it doesn’t have a botanical name on it, it’s not pure. 

  5. For yonder children an “aromastick” or oil on a cotton ball is the preferred method of application. As children have thinner skin, topically applying essential oils could cause skin irritations. 

  6. According to the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, using room diffusers or atomizers is not recommended for children between birth and 5 years old. For those 5 and above using a diffuser intermittently on and off for 15 minutes is safer than continuous diffusion. 

  7. Children should never be ingesting essential oils for any reason. This also means other orifices of the body such as the ear canal. 

  8. Oils should never be used on open wounds. 

  9. Do not add essential oils directly to a bathtub. If they would like to add oils to the bath, please make sure a carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil) is also added. 

  10. Always have poison control’s phone number or call 911 if any child ingests essential oil.

Adaptogens are herbs that bring the body back to homeostasis after times of extreme stress. Coming off the holiday rush, we could all use some adaptogens in our lives. Below is more information about certain products and studies containing adaptogens. Below here is a quick video from one of our brand partners on adaptogens. 
Efficacy and Safety of Ashwagandha for Improvement of Sexual Health in Healthly Women: A Randomized Study 

A study performed in India and reported in Cureus medical journal in October 2022 reported on a randomized, placebo based study on the effects of Ashwagandha on sexual health in healthy women. In the case of this review, a healthy woman was considered one that had no previous issues with sexual health such as cancer. 

The average age of the participant was 29 years old. There were approximately 70 participants. The conclusion after the study was that after 8 weeks of 300 mg of Ashwaganda, those not in the placebo group reported improved sexual health. 

To read the whole study click here.
Faeve Apothecary's Adaptogen Tea was formulated as an easy way to ingest your adaptogens. Our adaptogen Tea has herbs of Rhodiola, Schisandra Root, Astragalus, Ashwaganda and Tulsi. It is then flavored with Stevia and Hibiscus to give it a nice flavor. Other herbs include Amla, artichoke, Oatstraw, Gotu Kola and Gingko Biloba. 

This tea is safe enough to use everyday. At the store, we usually recommend drinking this daily until the bag is gone. This will usually boost you system enough. Then we usually suggest you take a month or two break and see how you feel.

After using this tea you can expect your body to feel calmer, with more energy. Over time you will find that this tea supports better sleep and mental focus and clarity. 

To purchase this tea please click here;. 
Ortho Molecular Nu Adapt is the perfect supplement for those who would like to take their adaptogens in pill form. This product has been formulated using clinical research and we really like the combination of amino acids and herbs. This is one of our favorites! 

For more information on this product click here.


Speaker Series 2023
Wednesday 1/18/2023: 1 pm: Jean Schaich will be speaking on energy healing and tools such as crystals in this informative chat. 

Jean is the owner of Crystal Healing and Therapy. She helps clients heal themselves through aligning and balancing chakras using crystal frequencies and working with various forms of Reiki energy.

She was first certified as a Crystal Healer by Hibiscus Moon Crystal Cave Academy and then by Ashley Leavey from her School of Crystal Therapy as an Advanced Crystal Practitioner and Crystal Reiki Master.

Sri Swami Kaleshwar, from Penukonda, India, certified her in the use of Sai Shakti Healing Technique. This energy technique is taught only by devotees of Swami Kaleshwar and uses the 5 Elements in a very special healing method.

Drs Maryanne Horne and Carol Sfekas certified her as a Usui Reiki Master. Jean received additional advanced Reiki training from Torsten Lange, Karuna Ki Reiki and Grand Master Reiki from Aimee Phelger from Udemy Institute. Ascended Master Antojai/Axel Carresquillo Msc D taught Jean the 5D Quantum Healing Technique.

Since there are so many modalities and uses for crystals, her topic will concentrate on the seven major chakras and how crystals can help to balance them to bring about harmony. Participants will learn about the vibrational frequencies of the crystals and how they entrain themselves into the energy centers of the body.

Please email below to reserve your seat. Although this is a free event, we need to know how many chairs we need to put out. Thank you. 

 Email: info@myfaeve.com

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