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Botanical Oracle: Plantain, Plantago major

JUNE 29, 2021

Plantain is another one of those herbs that I consider a necessity in any herbal pharmacy.....



#7 Recipes and Ramblings: Solitude Meditation Blend

There are pure blends in this series that will touch upon self-reflection and meditation. I believe that in order to be our best selves, we need time to get to know ourselves. I have a friend from college that I hadn't seen in almost 10 years. The person that she was to me in college, was not the person that I had lunch with. To say that she had changed is an understatement. As my brother would say, she did a 180. 

Botanical Oracle: Elderberry, Sambucus nigra

Elderberry – the go-to for the flu, cough and cold, sinusitis, gastritis, and other viruses.  Elderberry is thought to boost the immune system. But did you know the berries of the elderberry tree are poisonous until ripe? And if the berries are not cooked, they could make you nauseous.As popular as elderberries are in folklore, it’s the flowers that herbalist use the most. The flowers are the powerhouse when it comes to fighting upper respiratory infections and viruses.

#6 Recipes and Ramblings: Confident Trees

Sometimes, in order to be the apple on the top, the only thing you need is true confidence within yourself. Confidence to succeed, confidence to love, and confidence to be true to yourself. That is what the Confident Tree Blend is about. It's about being confident in your own skin, even when you don't think you can. 

Botanical Oracle: Dogwood, Cornus florida

The flowering dogwood tree is well-known as being one of the most beautiful trees in America. Different genus and species grow all throughout the US and blossom into beautiful colors and shapes. Its fruits have been used for dye and are high in vitamin C with a sweet and tart taste similar to a cranberry. It is not well known for human consumption and is not a berry that you would usually find an herbal pharmacy, but in other parts of the world, the berries are used to treat fever and a substitute for aspirin.

We're in the news!

Can we just admit that we're a tad excited to have been featured in a recent article in the Lake & Sumter Style Magazine? To view it for yourself, head here and check out all the great things we have to share about medicinal herbs you can grow easily and the amazing health benefits they could have for you.

#5 Recipes and Ramblings: Crazy and Stupid

If you’ve been following me over the past few weeks, you’ll notice I’ve touched on communication before, but the question becomes, “How do I initiate that openness and communicate? How do I create that space between me and my partner to make open communication happen?”  These are the kinds of questions I asked myself, too, when I formulated this blend.