Botanical Oracle: Plantain, Plantago major

Botanical Oracle: Plantain, Plantago major

Plantain is another one of those herbs that I consider a necessity in any herbal pharmacy. This extremely common plant has been researched thoroughly and has proven beneficial for a variety of uses. The largest amount of research for plantain has been in the family of respiratory disorders. Not only does it help to relieve cough, but it has expectorant qualities, and soothes cough-related chest pain.
The plantain plant has also been linked with anecdotal evidence of supporting urinary disorders, digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, and wounds, and is the first line of defense if you are bitten by a snake. If you are a hiker or gardener in an area where snakes are known to hide, it is good to have a Ziplock bag of plantain on hand to make a quick paste to put on a bite while waiting on medical care.
Another benefit of plantain is its high amounts of Vitamin C, A, and K! You can eat the young leaves raw, but older leaves should be sautéed like you would spinach or kale. This plant reminds me of nettle in the way it is so multifunctional in its use.

Siolo Thompson's Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle card deck

When I choose this card from Siolo Thompson’s Botanical Oracle deck, this plant was tied to the word nourish. Given the fact that almost every part of the plant is beneficial to humans and animals, this makes sense. This plant can nourish our body, our skin, and our ailments.
Pulling the plantain plant card, I saw this as a nourishing of my soul. What can I do today to nourish my soul? What does that even look like? I decided that it looked like solitude. I took my dogs out to play, walked in the grass, sat outside to get some sun and much-needed Vitamin D, and then walked around the block a few times.

illustrated plantain plant plantago major

This quietness gave me time to think, to dream, and this was a way to nourish my soul for the day. In reality, it is probably something that we should do every day, and not just because any card or sign told us to. For me, it will be a conscious act to figure out ways to nourish my soul every day. Even if that’s nourishing my body with healthier meals, it’s still nourishing my soul, too.
What does the word nourish mean to you? What do you do to nourish your soul? Also, what is your favorite recipe to use with any of these herbs for the Botanical Oracle? I am finding that nettle leaves, plantain leaves, and spinach together mixed with some olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper with a side of grilled chicken has become my new favorite go-to meal.
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