Part 2: My Functional Aromatherapy® journey continues!

Part 2: My Functional Aromatherapy® journey continues!

"Luuucyyy! You got some 'splainin to do!"

In part one of my Functional Aromatherapy journey, I was going through my first paid Aromatherapy Class. I left off with me not telling my husband. Well, the cat was about to be out of the bag.

So here’s what happened.

He was talking about Mary and how “stupid” oils were and that consultants like that should be fined for their psuedo-science.

That’s when I chirped in…

"Well, you know the Boswellia plant has been tested in cancer patients with some beneficial results, however, the oil doesn't have the constituent needed to do that. When it’s distilled it loses it."

He looked at me, eyebrow up, “How do you know that...?”

"Well, you see..."


After the how much, how long, why, etc he told me I should finish the class. He didn’t know I already had and was on the next in the series. (Well, if he's reading this, he does now!) 😳

I think it began to click for him that I was on to something when he came home one day and I was studying on our room. He looked at the papers on the bed and asked me what it was.

As I explained that it was the chemistry of oils, etc. he looked at me incredulously and said “I know what it is, I’m asking why you are doing biochemistry? I haven’t seen that since premed!”

I gained some brownie points that day, and he started asking me more questions.

Then there was that time he experienced the benefits of herbal and aromatic medicine for himself.

My husband has an autoimmune lung disease and if he gets too sick it can wreak havoc on him. So the first sign of a cold we need to be on the defense. He actually asked me for a diffuser blend to help him…..I was ecstatic! (See recipe I used below)

But even though he caved and asked, he still wasn't convinced it would work.

He said it stunk (he's very picky with smells), and that it wasn’t going to work and he felt ridiculous with this thing on the side of the bed.

He may of mentioned this was all a ploy to kill him as well…(he might be a tad dramatic sometimes. Ha!)

But we let the diffuser go all evening with 15 min on and ½ hour off. By the time the next morning came, he felt better and had nipped that cold in the butt before it had a chance to get worse.

I had made my husband a believer! (or at least a lot less of a skeptic)

Respiratory Blend: On the Immunological and Physical FA Matrix

  • 3 drops of Ponderosa Pine
  • 2 drops of Rosemary ct. 1,8 cineole
  • 1 drop of Balsam Fir

Add the suggested water level to your diffuser and add the drops above. Breathe!

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