Self Care + Recharging

Self Care + Recharging

The last time I wrote, I was writing about my keyword being happiness. 

Last November, when I was in part one of my Advanced Practitioner Class in Tampa, at Atlantic Institute, we were asked a very particular question.

What is self care? And as a healer how does a healer heal thyself?

Being the ever attention seeking brown nosed student that I am, I raised my hand and said that I think self care can truly be attained by helping other people.

My teacher looked at me and just said one word...Nope.

I was pissed to say the least. I mean I always felt good when I did things for others, isn't that feeling a good part of self care?

Apparently not.

What I did learn was that self care is digging deep inside of yourself and seeing maybe some things you don’t want to see. Looking at some walls and boundaries you put up that need to be taken down in order for you to grow spiritually and emotionally. Maybe, more boundaries and walls need to be put up. I know I had both - walls to take down and boundaries to put up. 

We were told to really think about these things and what they meant to us. I found some parts of my past that were desperately asking to be seen, but I was hiding behind those walls. I also knew that there were some boundaries I needed to put up, some being easier than others.

There were three words that kept coming to me: Recharge, Awareness and Tranquility.

I think those words justified my walls and boundaries.  I wanted to know what these words felt like, smelled like to me. How to incorporate these into my daily life.

I went to the lab and started playing with scent sticks and thinking, how can I recharge? Recharge my soul for the future. We sometimes get stuck in our day in and day out routine, with just glances of something that will change the routine in the future.

Northern Ireland coast

Going to Ireland was to recharge us...and it did. It recharged our desire to travel, our ability to wander in strange places, enjoy good food. But we ran and ran. When we got home, we were pleasantly exhausted.

But not recharged

When I made Recharge in the lab, I used chemistry to make it “recharge” using a lot of work from Mojay and overall scent profiles. This was to not only recharge your brain at 3 pm instead of coffee. It was built to recharge your heart, your thought process, maybe look at things differently. 

According to Mojay, the resin of Benzoin clears that overthinking and worry that comes to some of us daily. I wish I could just sit in a vat of that oil daily, I am sure some others around me would agree with that statement. Benzoin inspires the ability to this case ourselves. We are our own worst enemy.

Different citrus fruits

Citruses of Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon and Mandarin just sound refreshing to me, and they smell great. Living in Florida, one would think that those fruits would remind me of here, but they don’t. They remind me of my mom, always leaving juice on the counter for us.

Or the way when you are cooking, and that fresh lemon gets squirted in the pan, recharging the meal you are making. Making it brighter, sunnier, happier.

Recharge Custom Blended Rollerball


The citruses in general are ruled by Limonene, which is a chemical constituent that is antibacterial, analgesic and activates white blood cells. These physical qualities merged with the emotional qualities of freeing and lightning are a great group to help you recharge..physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Spearmint rounds out this blend by reducing anxiety, combating fatigue and energizing the spirit.

When I really started looking at this blend, I started to keep it on me, in my purse. Realizing that recharging is a big part of self healing.

Self love and care

So how do you self heal? Do you use essential oils? Meditation? Herbs and tea? Or have you found other ways that bring healing to body and soul?

If you are interested in getting this blend for yourself, check it out here!

Share in the comments below and next time, I'll go deeper into the second blend created: Awareness.

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