Music is My Love and Blend Language

Music is My Love and Blend Language

In my last post, I discussed about a once-in-a-lifetime moment I experienced when I finished up my Advanced Practitioner Training the second week of March.

On the last day of class, we finished up the custom blends we had created for our clients that week, and were tasked with using Blossoming Heart blending tools from Robbie Zeck to create a special blend for our partners.

Recently, one of my best friends told me that music is my love language. That was a very profound statement to me when I realized the truth of it. I learned that week that a big part of my self-care, the world of the week for us, was sitting in my music room listening to my records.

Real vinyl, not earbuds or Alexa. To hear the imperfections yet still feel its beauty. I found out that I don’t do that enough but when I do, it's good for me.

When making a custom blend, a good aromatherapist takes all parts of a person – physical, spiritual, emotional - and puts plant medicine into play. So my partner for the week, Karen, made me a blend called Vinyl After Dark. Her interpretations are in italics. 

Meredith's custom blend vinyl after dark

Vinyl After Dark:

Neroli: My favorite oil. Reminds me of life, sweet, tangy and sensual. “I make my choices from the still point within”.

Ginger: One of my favorite healing oils when one feels “cold” in any state.  “I am sustained in every movement”.

Elemi: This is an inside joke oil from my classmates, but it has deep meaning all the same. This is an oil not as well known. It’s an earth deep meditative oil. “I invoke love through stillness”.

Sage: My, and many others, spiritual cleanser. “My heart and wisdom mind are one”.

So, what does this mean? This is the magic of plant medicine.

From a chemical and physical perspective, this is a blend to calm my brain. How did Karen know to calm my brain? Because she witnessed it in full effect in the last 96 hours we spent together. You can look up any chemistry book or Aromatic Medicine book and see that. But the gift is…

Mer, you crazy INFJ thinker, you work better when you work in stillness and your mind is still.

Music makes your mind still. Love comes through and you better understand it when your mind is still. You can be sustained without overthinking and your heart and mind can work together in harmony if you just balance it. Your balance comes in when you listen to your Vinyl After Dark.

That, my friends, is not a prescription you can get at Walgreens from your primary care doctor.

That is the beauty of being a practitioner of the healing arts.


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