May 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter

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May Newsletter
May is here! It's finally starting to feel like Florida here and the heat is starting to move in. 

As many of you know Meredith is also the President of Mulberry Integrative Medicine, the local acupuncture clinic she runs with her partner Dr. Chris Cheshire. The past month she has been bouncing back and forth to both places starting up their new massage program at the medical clinic. If you are in need of a medical massage, head over there!

As she has owned a business in The Villages for many years, she understands the different types of year we fall into. May through August is what she calls the "Growth" period. Her and her team start planning new products, new contracts and the like.

This season we are happy to announce that Meredith has been accepted as the first Clinical Aromatherapist to perform Aromatherapy at Vitas Hospice in our area. She will start travelling to facilities and homes to those under Vitas Hospice care. This is something she is very passionate about and we look forward to seeing how it goes.

Faeve has also been offered a few different wholesale accounts and contract manufacturing projects. If you have ever spoken to her, you know how passionate she is about science, so this is right up her alley. When she says growth she means growth! 

With growth there comes changes. Our night manager Tiffany has left the store and Faeve to take on more responsibilities at Mulberry as the massage program gets up and running. We have hired two new employees, Carol and Miranda to join the team. Carol comes with a nursing background and Miranda with an herbal background. Stop by and say Hi when you can. We are rounding out a great new team. Rachel is also taking on some of Tiffany's old responsibilities. So if you used to speak to Tiffany, please now ask for Rachel. 

We look forward to the summer months to put our thinking caps on. We have heard you about wanting all natural deodorant and you should see that roll out in the next few months. We've always loved making them, but the pandemic made it hard to get supplies. As that starts loosening up, it's becoming easier to gain access back to our regular supply lines.

We want to thank you all for your support in the past and continued support in the off season. We are all so greatly appreciative! 

Happy Spring and stay safe.

Meredith and the Faeve Family
Rosemary: Good For the Brain?

When you have a store in one of the largest retirement communities in the world, it shouldn't be a surprise that we get asked about memory quite a bit. Almost everyone that comes into the store says "I heard Rosemary works on memory. Is this true?

I was taught that this was more than an old wives tale, so I went into the clinical databases to see what I could find and put the old wives take into some science based fact.

The Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences published a review in  April 2020 on this exact question.

Finding were that the real winner in Rosemary is is rosmarinic acid, carnosic acid and the essential oil. The reviews have proved that Rosemary essential oil and other parts of the plant can indeed provide promising results in the areas of supporting the nervous system, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, Parkinson's Syndrome and withdrawal syndrome. 

How do you get this amazing plant gifts into your system? Simply, just use an inhaler with the oil on it or diffuse the Rosemary Oil by your bed for about 15 minutes to an hour! 

To read the literature review click here:
Ahhh Mothers Day...

Happy Belated Mother's Day out there to all the Mom's. 

I had this whole big plan for a Mother's Day sale, big, gigantic etc..

But I'm a Mom. So as most Mom's will understand, it got put to the wayside. And here we are.

I had a wonderful Mothers Day with my favorite people. But I didn't get this out in time and no one can help me if I don't give them the info...

For the Month of May we will take off 10% all of our Ortho Molecular Supplements. This is also on products from Ortho we don't carry in the store. Give us less than a week and we can have it in here for you!

Keeping us healthy, that's what we all want for our Mom's and Mom figures. So we'll try to help with that!
For those part of Faeve Naked Oils...we have some news...

We will be receiving a shipment straight from South Africa in the next few weeks. You will be receiving a FNO email regarding this. However, things to look forward to: Myrrh, Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum, Lavender, Cedarwood and Peppermint. There will also be a new oil that many haven't heard of, Lippia Javanica. 

According to Pub Med: Lippia javanica is widely distributed throughout South Africa where it is used extensively in traditional herbal preparations. An infusion of the leaves is commonly used as a decongestant for colds and coughs. We have never used this oil either so this is exciting. 

There will also be a new carrier oil, Manketti Oil that is otherwise known as Mongongo Oil. This oil is rich in Vitamin C and E and is known for it's skin and hair use. We are looking forward to sharing our findings with you and will also be selling small bottles at FNO site. 

Want to be part of FNO? Email here to be put on the list to our private distribution of high end essential oils and carriers at 1/2 the price of market value. 

Put me on the list!
Rewards and Discount Plan

Join the text crew! April saw 25% off the whole store, free oils with diffuser purchase, free teas and much more. We don't advertise these specials except by text. We hope this will be easier and more beneficial for our customers. We will send about 3-4 messages a month with special discounts and rewards that will not be publicized anywhere else. To become part of this please sign up here:
Our new class schedule is up on the website! We have listened to you and added many more evening  classes! We are excited to teach you! 
To register please go to:
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