Individual Prescriptions and Finding Happiness

Individual Prescriptions and Finding Happiness

In last week's blog post, I dipped into why 10 year and 5 year check-ins are so important to me, and reflected a little on where I've been and where I'm going.

I also spoke a little about digging deep. In fact, my exercise to dig deep resulted in why in 2016 I started my herbal medicine degree. It had to go hand in hand. I became certified and decided this December to finish with my Masters certification. I will be busting to finish that in 2020, but I will.

Faeve is also in the midst of some great new growth that we hope to share with you in the next few weeks and months. Pushing for that has been a goal too and will always continue to be.

What I realized the last few weeks though, has nothing to do with how many hours I have, how decorated my wall is. How many clients I’s all numbers. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in numbers that we forget, we forget what is important.

That the client’s need is important, not what blend you made for them. That your employees feel valued, even in the midst of hard trials and tribulations and not always what the bank account says. That numbers don’t fix everything or make everything right - that's a part of the dig deep. 

So many start the year with a “resolution”. Go to the gym, eat better, stop smoking etc. Know what happens? Usually it fails.

I smoked for 20 years. You know how I quit? I went to a foreign country whose culture was if you smoked, you were a lady of the night. Came back from the US after 10 days smoke free. I literally had to leave the county to quit. It’s hard. 

Due to my illness over the years and all the therapies I had, I have gained and lost and found myself heavier in 2018-2019 than ever before in my life. I ate well, but much of it was high cortisol from stress and my hormones being a mess.

I dropped weight and continue to. It’s not a magic wand that happens. It’s in you. It’s making a conscious decision to change your life. And if you happen to fail, you disappoint yourself. Seems self serving and silly to me to make a decision for yourself on one day and fail due to unlofty and unrealistic expectations.

In November, I went to my first of two Advanced Practitioner Trainings in Tampa, FL. There I learned first hand from Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and her wonderful daughter Nyssa, today’s version of Marguerite Maury’s Individual Prescription (IP)

This is a blend that is made just for you. It’s for your soul and your being, it’s your scent, it’s what lingers when you walk by someone. It’s what you are remembered by. It becomes part of your skin, your soul, your health and who you are.

Finding your IP usually takes a bit of time. Sometimes, like mine, it can come in a meditation...I saw my ancestors: My great grandma, my grandma, my mother and was explained that me and Maeve were the 4th and 5th. I was then given 3 oils by each of them in this meditation. I knew mine and I thought I knew Maeve’s. Turns out I was wrong there but hey we can fix that…

So I started with 1 drop of Rosemary for the 1st generation Margaret, 2 drops of Angelica for the 2nd generation Margaret, 3 drops of Elemi for 3rd generation Christine, 4 drops Ylang Ylang for 4th generation Meredith and 5 drops of Tangerine, for Maeve, the 5th generation of our magic family. I named it Lineage. It’s my IP. 

It’s complex, like our family story has been, it’s slightly sad, which is also our story, but it’s also very deep, very romantic, like our lives have been. And the Tangerine from Maeve gives me the positive and uplifting feelings of what I can accomplish with it while I’m still on this earth, before I just show up in her meditation. 

It’s a promise of something that I’ve really been thinking about, and to end this New Years post, this is my “resolution” except it’s not a resolution- it’s a promise to myself. A promise to find happiness in everything.

Happiness is my word. Happiness and lineage. That’s my 5 year goal and my 10 year too. Happiness. 

I hope you find your word too, and I look forward to working with all of you as I strive to achieve this step by step, day by day.


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