Homemade is best. And let me tell you why...

Homemade is best. And let me tell you why...

Last May, I decided that on my birthday I would dedicate the day to some well-deserved self care.

(Of course, we should make self-care a priority every day, but ESPECIALLY on your birthday!)

Ahem! Hello, gorgeous. I'm talking to you. *elbow*

So, I went to get a body polish and facial from a salon that uses a very well known and high priced product line. As a Certified Herbalist and Registered Aromatherapist, things like skin care always interest me. Especially this particular high end product line, which I know started off as an organic, plant-based company who try to stick to their roots.

Typically, I use my own all-natural skin care products. I procure the ingredients, research them, make it and use it - sometimes even infusing my own oils with herbs. (You can check out my facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizers here!)

As I laid back getting ready for my facial, my technician says “Who do you use on your face?". I asked why she was asking. She said "Because you have the most beautiful skin to come in my chair in the past 5 years!"

I was flattered, especially when she told me I had the skin of a 24 year old, HELLO 44!

I then told her what I did for a living and what I used. She was thrilled. She started speaking about drug store bands and how many of them, even the ones I used to use religiously before my own, would strip the natural oils off of your skin. 😞

Then she said, “Homemade is best. No preservatives, no chemicals... just natural oils working with your skin to clean and moisturize the way nature intended."

I left walking out going: "Homemade is best? Homemade is best!" 30 years in the business and she says homemade is best.

I was reminded and proud that homemade is my thing. I am small batch. I use all-natural ingredients. My facial line is homemade, made with love and backed by science.

And with a compliment like that, I had to be doing something right!

So my question is, do YOU struggle to find a natural solution to skincare? Or can't find the right blend that works on your oily/dry/normal/combo/uniquely yours skin? I think I can be of some help.

Because I am so excited about my skin, I want you to be as well. So I am going to give you a FREE 15-minute skin consult. AND after the free consult, I'll throw in an extra 10% off any of my all-natural facial products in my shop.

Claim your free 15-min session by filling out this form!

Because homemade is best, and your skin deserves the best.

To Bright, Light, and Healthy Skin,

– Mere'  

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