Grounding Yourself in the Present

Grounding Yourself in the Present

In my last post, I presented the question, "What is self care? And as a healer, how does a healer heal thyself?".

As I dug deep, the mantra that presented itself to me became Recharge, Awareness, and Tranquility, which I rolled into making scientific, aromatic blends to better capture the essence of those words.

After Recharge, the next word I tackled was Awareness.

Being aware of your surroundings, being aware at work. Awareness touches so many areas. Awareness of sense of self. Awareness of what those barriers and doors are, and awareness of who you trust to help you safely remove them if need be. Awareness of your task at hand, awareness of where you want to be in the next 5 or 10 years. Awareness of your path, where you are right now. Where you want to be. 

Napping at work

For some reasons Americans “crash” around 2-3 pm in the afternoon. We can blame diet, hormones, etc but at the end of the day, it happens. To almost everyone at some point in the week.

It's why Starbucks does the two for one sales, why you have chocolate in your desk - to become aware again, aware of what you need to to make these small and large goals. 

Faeve Plant Therapies Awareness Custom Blended Rollerball

Oils of Rosemary start this blend, to kick those memory receptors into high gear, following its other friend Peppermint, which goes hand in hand with stress headaches as well.

The grounding oil of Vetiver gives it that depth to dig deep into that awareness.

The interesting oil of Davana calms the mind while working in synergy with Bergamot and St. John’s Wort to again calm the squirrels so you can be aware of your space you need and want to be in. 

The most important part of this blend is the addition of a rare oil, Honey Myrtle. Honey Myrtle focuses the mind, clears out the cobwebs and it lemon honey scent make it feel like you just had an afternoon Frappaucino.  When this product sells out, it usually sells out for a while because it’s difficult to get this oil in large amounts. 

Essential oil dipper

For some reason, besides providing me awareness or even energy I need to get through the day, its such a warm delicious and uplifting scent combination I find myself using it right before a meeting or something where I have to be “on” gives me the confidence to be present in that space and time. Its a great perfume.

I have also gotten a lot of good feedback from clients with memory issues, they say this helps them a bit remember to stay on task 

So awareness, another self care word. If you are interested in trying this product for yourself, check it out here.

How do you stay aware and in the present? Have you found any essential oils that ground you?

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