Do you have good sleep hygiene?

Do you have good sleep hygiene?

Meredith here- today I wanted to talk about some herbal remedies for sleep.

We all know that sleep is important for so many reasons but did you know the following?

  • Sleep can help you lose weight.

    The Canadian Medical Association Journal stated that the study they did in 2012 included this statement to be true. The Canadian Obesity Board has included adequate sleep (at least 6 hours) in its new set of obesity management tools for physicians.
  • Adequate sleep can help lower your blood pressure.

    Sheldon G. Shelps, MD from Mayo Clinic states that it is a possibility that sleeping fewer than 6 hours a night could be linked to increased blood pressure.
  • Adequate sleep helps your relationship.

    Want to hit your partner in the head with a frying pan? It may not be hormones ladies, it may simply be sleep. In Psychology Today, Theresa E. DiDonato, PhD quoted researchers Troxel, Robels, Hall and Byres from 2007 that did a study giving evidence that spouses with fewer sleep problems tend to be happier. OMG!

So the million dollar question: How do you sleep? How do you shut off?

Quick Tip

Get into a routine every night that includes shutting off your tech. I know it's hard, but put that phone/tablet/remote down!

A half hour before bed, drink a cup of tea like our Sleepy Fairy Tea that has herbs of Chamomile, Valerian, Passionflower and Hops to give you a good night sleep without the “sleep hangover” you get from some of the over the counter meds.

For an even extra dose of relaxation, rub some of our All-Natural Sleep Cream along your inner arms and thighs and the nape of your neck. This cream has been perfected from over 30 + case studies in Florida and has great success in helping you fall and stay asleep.

Keep your eyes peeled for my making a sleep tea webinar. I've been excited to create one and will send details along as soon as it's all finished.

At Faeve, we want you to be well and be your best self. Naturally. Originally. Scientifically.

Push on Plant People!

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