Carrier Oils & Their Benefits

Carrier Oils & Their Benefits

Carrier Oils


  Sweet Almond Oil: This helps heavier oils absorb better, used for anti-aging, safe for sensitive skin, eye treatments, relives inflammation, redness and itchiness. This can stain clothes.

   Apricot Kernel Oil: Can be used on sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory and good for Psoriasis, Eczema, and Dermatitis. Clearing acne, eye treatment, moisturizing, prevents hair loss, quick absorption into the skin. Antiseptic properties.

   Argan Oil: Skin moisturizer, non-irritating, anti-aging, repairs damaged skin. Reduces oil levels with oily skin. Increases elasticity of skin. Effective in lip balm.  Effective in regulating and balancing hormone levels.  Hair loss remedy. Antiseptic properties. Fights skin cancer. Reduces joint pain and pain from arthritis.

   Avocado Oil: Heals wounds, cuts and scrapes. Eye treatment. Moisturizer for “hot” issues. Anti-inflammatory.

   Babassu Oil: Similar to coconut oil without the coconut smell. Anti-inflammatory properties and fast rate of absorption. Cooling oil. Heals burns and cuts. Great in lip balm. Good on cuts and cools poison plants. Safe oil for female genitalia.

   Baobob Oil: Restores the epidermis. Heals scar tissue. Anti-inflammatory. Analgesic. High fatty acid content.

   Black Seed Oil: (Black Cumin Oil): Ant-aging, joint pain, headache, anti-inflammtory. Skin conditions relating to allergies. Regeneration of epidermis. Fungal infections. Anti-cancer effects. Used on skin boils and to combat earaches.

   Borage Oil: Great oil for animals as well as humans. Anti-inlammatory. Anti-Aging.

  Camellia Oil: Rebuilds collagen, anti-aging Helpful with stretch marks. Softens hard skin such as heels, elbows and knees. Heals sounds and scrapes. Anti-fungal. Analgesic. Phototoxic.

  Castor Oil: Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Prevents pigment loss in hair. Goes deep into tissues. Great for anti=fungal and Athlete’s foot. Helps with insomnia. Disinfects wounds and scrapes. Boots T-11 cells to detox stomach. Cures gas and acidity. Prevents growth of bacteria, yeast and molds. Assists with skin allergies. Some studies suggest Castor oil will remove moles.

   Cocoa Butter: Anti-aging. Great in lip balm. Anti- inflammatory. Supports getting rid of stretch marks. Fades scars.

   Coconut Oil: Natural microbiobial. Wonderful moisturizer, eye cream. Wound healing for both human and animals. Heals cols sores quicker. Great for diaper rashes. Use in deodorants, lip balms and lice treatments.

   Cranberry Seed Oil: Anti-Aging. Natural sunscreen. Fights skin irritation and inflammation. Absorbs quickly. Highest carrier oil in anti-oxidants and phytosterols. Safe to use in lip balms.

   Emu Oil: Powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Diminishes swelling, reduces pain.  Great oil for arthritis, carpal tunnel, headaches and shin splints. Use in recovery of wounds and burns. Antispectic. Insect repellant. Studies states that can be used for sore nipples in breastfeeding but not enough studies about the carrying of the oil through breast milk. Use caution.

   Evening Primrose Oil: Best carrier to use for issues of anti-inflammatory nature such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Useful in reliving inflammation from arthritis issues.

   Flaxseed Oil: Eliminates dandruff. Anti-Aging. Mix with Avocado oil for eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis.

   Glycerin: Supports burns, useful in suppositories and sores in the mouth and gum area. Diaper rash.

   Grapeseed Oil: has collagen, useful in anti-aging treatments and eye treatments. Useful for damaged skin and reduces hair loss. Safe for children. Some studies promote grapeseed oil for elimination of spider veins.  Heals wounds.

   Hazelnut Oil: natural sunscreen. Antibacterial and anti-oxidant. Safe for lips.

   Hemp Seed Oil: Shrinks large pores and used in anti-aging products. Sooths dermatological flare ups. Soothes skin rashes and studies promote for varicose vein treatment.

   Jojoba Wax: Absorbs easily into skin. Anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory. Regenerates skin. Eye treatments. Safe for lip balm. Anti-fungal. Wound healing, and supports arthritis treatments. Studies state may be useful for warts.

   Kombo Butter: Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory. Support for skin allergies. Joint and muscle aches.

   Kpangnan Butter: Analgesic, anti-inflammtory.

   Kukui Nut Oil: Anti-aging, speeds healing of wounds, bites and burns. Anti-inflammatory properties. Can be used as an analgesic.

   Macademia Nut Oil: Close to Jojoba Wax. Great for skin that has difficulty retaining moisture. Good on wounds, cuts and burns. Safe in lip balm.

   Marula Oil: Absorbs into skin fast. Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-microbial. Supports skin infections. Safe for lip balm.

   Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Absorbs easily into skin. Anti-aging. Safe for lip balm. Moisture barrier.  Not for use on scrapes or wounds.

   Moringa Seed Oil: Absorbs quickly into skin.  Anti-septic. Studies show results supporting healing of arthritis and gout over time.  Anti-inflammatory. Helps heal cuts, rashes and bruises. Anti-fungal activity. Gum inflammation.

   Neem Seed Oil: Anti-bacterial and antiviral. Studies state it can mimic steroids. Most effective of the anti-fugal carriers. Use in only 10% of blend due to natural steroid content. Supports septic sores, anti-inflammatory. Supports care for scabies, hives, rheumatism. Anti-aging. Use in live treatment and cuts and wounds. Good for bed bug treatment. Not to be used undiluted.

   Olive Oil: Loosens eat wax, soothes inflamed skin and cradle cap.

   Palm Kernel Oil: Anti-aging, psoriasis, eczema. Anti-bacterial.

   Pomegranate Seed Oil: Can reverse skin damage, anti-aging, produces collagen, supports very dry skin, especially patches. High in anti-oxidants. Reduces scarring and heals minor wounds.

   Rosehip Seed Oil: Absorbs quickly into skin. Anti-oxidant. Repairs skin and reduces scarring. Anti-aging, skin infections and supports burn care.

   Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil: Great for skin injuries, rashes, bug bites, lesions, burns, wound care. Anti-aging. Penetrate skin layers. Mild analgesic.

   Shea Butter: Easily penetrates skin, anti-aging. Good for eye cream, deodorants, muscle aches and pains. Good for diaper rash, anti-fungal and rheumatoid arthritis.

   Tamanu Oil: Heals damaged skim, treats scars, minor wounds, ski irritations, rashes, bedsores and severe cuts and burns. Has analgesic effects, skin healing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Skin ulcers.

   Trauma Oil: Analgesic, assists in damaged skin. Alleviates some pain from burns and regenerates epithelial tissue quickly.

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