Botanical Oracle: Rowan, Sorbus torminalis

Botanical Oracle: Rowan, Sorbus torminalis

Rowan, otherwise known as mountain ash, is a descendant of the rose family. The fruit of the tree is similar to dates and can be used fresh a variety of ways. There is not a lot of medicinal information on this plant as it’s not typically used in herbal medicine, but it is used a lot as a building material. 

These trees and shrubs offer birds, insects, and some mammals a great deal of food because their harvests are so plentiful. 

In folklore the Rowan tree was called The Travelers tree. It was thought that as you were traveling you would follow the Rowan trees and they would protect you on your journey. In both Celtic folklore and Greek mythology, these plants are known to have magical qualities and offer  protection to those that come across them.

Protection and rituals

It is of no surprise then that Siolo Thompson uses the word Protection as the Oracle property of Rowan. Their plentiful harvest protects creatures from starvation and mystically serves to protect travelers from getting lost.

When you are doing deep spiritual work and a card like this is pulled with the word Protection, it usually gives you pause. Do I have to protect myself or someone/something else? Do I need to develop a protective barrier for something coming my way? Whatever its energy, it's a strong word and one that I will ponder throughout the day and keep my guard up in case there is something I need to protect myself from. 

Mystical forest with river and fog

What do you think protection means to you and your understanding of folklore and Rowan?  Share below!

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