Botanical Oracle: Hollyhock, Alcea rosea

Botanical Oracle: Hollyhock, Alcea rosea

The hollyhock plant has a variety of species. The most common one is alcea rosea. The hollyhock plant is interesting because the leaves, stems, flowers, and all the in-betweens can all be used for human consumption. Alcea has been used to cure fevers, treat sore throats, relieve inflammation, relieve teething in infants, digestive disorders and wound healing.

Hollyhock doesn’t taste very good, but is usually used more as a poultice for wounds and fevers over being in a tea or pill. This plant can also treat burns, and most species contain vitamin C, B, zinc, and iodine. It can even be used for making paper!

In their Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle card deck, Siolo Thompson attributes the word abundance to the hollyhock plant. The fact that every part of this plant can be used shows that the plant gives us abundance. Using its leaves, stems, petals, and flowers, humans, animals, and insects can benefit from this beautiful plant. 

Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle card deck

When I chose this card today, I thought more about gratitude than abundance. I was fortunate this weekend to return to my childhood home where I am still close to the people I grew up with. At one point, we were sitting around the table laughing about something in the past when one of my friends looked around and said, “If you were to add up the years of friendship between all of us, it would be over 400 years!”

At that moment, I felt an abundance of gratitude for where I grew up as a child, and for these people that were surrounding me. It made me realize that although I didn’t see it every day, I have a lot of love in my life. An abundance of love.

Some people don't have this, or if they do, they don't recognize it. Where is the abundance of love in your life? When you know that you have found an abundance of love in your life, are you taking moments to be grateful for it? That's the big question.

Little hands and paper hearts

But abundance can come in many positive ways. An abundance of health, blessings, and laughter. Having a good job and a roof over your head, being able to put food on the table for your family, or even being surrounded by family that loves you and accepts you.

I believe the word abundance is just about looking around and seeing what you're grateful for.  Just like the hollyhock, we should share our gifts with others. It is then that we truly understand the spirit of gratitude.

Come join me in this journey by clicking here to get your own Botanical Oracle set, and be sure to check in next week for our next reading. 😊

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