Botanical Oracle: Dogwood, Cornus florida

Botanical Oracle: Dogwood, Cornus florida

The flowering dogwood tree is well-known as being one of the most beautiful trees in America. Different genus and species grow all throughout the US and blossom into beautiful colors and shapes.

Its fruits have been used for dye and are high in vitamin C with a sweet and tart taste similar to a cranberry. It is not well known for human consumption and is not a berry that you would usually find an herbal pharmacy, but in other parts of the world, the berries are used to treat fever and a substitute for aspirin.

The bark of a dogwood tree, though, has been used for centuries in the making of weapons, and I believe this is exactly why this week’s Botanical Oracle card paired both the word Defend and the dogwood tree together.

Flowering dogwood tree branch and berries cornus florida

This morning I woke up very early, not by choice, and when I stumbled to my desk and pulled this card and saw its definition, I realized it’s probably going to be a difficult day.

Today, I needed to defend my thoughts and my actions to someone else. This person always likes to see the worst in people and attacked me over a miscommunication. At the time of this writing, the situation has cleared but the damage still remains.

When we have to defend ourselves, our bodies tend to go into a fight or flight state. Our blood pressure goes up, our adrenals start releasing chemicals into our bloodstream to prepare to survive whatever stressful situation we are heading toward. This is why after an argument, you might find yourself feeling completely exhausted.

Today, as I am driving around, I'm going to look for a dogwood tree. A beautiful tree with a strong husk that can be transformed into weapons of defense. It inspires me to forge a weapon within myself that will give me confidence and a deep understanding of how we communicate with each other.

Beauty and strength co-existing.

finding beauty and strength girl holding arms out and receiving light

We defend the actions of others, our children, our loved ones and our friends, but what have you done recently to defend yourself? Meditate on it and ask yourself, who do we defend and why? Are you defending your dreams, ideas, and thoughts on your own future enough? Let us know below!

If you’ve been following our weekly Botanical Oracle series, you’ll know that this series isn’t just about plants – it’s about empowering yourself, too. If you would like to pull your own cards daily for inspiration and guidance, check out Siolo Thompson’s Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle cards here.!

And don’t forget to be a dogwood tree – strong and beautiful.

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