#7 Recipes and Ramblings: Solitude Meditation Blend

#7 Recipes and Ramblings: Solitude Meditation Blend

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” ~Barbara De Angelis

There are pure blends in this series that will touch upon self-reflection and meditation. I believe that in order to be our best selves, we need time to get to know ourselves.

I have a friend from college that I hadn't seen in almost 10 years. The person that she was to me in college, was not the person that I had lunch with. To say that she had changed is an understatement. As my brother would say, she did a 180. 

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This friend had gone through some really difficult times over the course of those 10 years. When she had to choose between putting on her “big girl panties” or laying down and giving up, she chose to persevere. 

As we had lunch, she started telling me about all the bombs continuously thrown at her. The only way she got through them was sitting quietly within herself and asking herself why this happened to her and what she could learn from it. She learned a lot of lessons doing this exercise. She learned that she gave too much and didn't take enough. She learned to put herself first. She learned that she was responsible for her own happiness.

At the time of our lunch, I was going through the worst part of my divorce. Things were ugly and rotten, and he was being more horrible than ever. There were times I was almost tempted to go back into a marriage I knew I didn't belong in just to keep the peace. It was weighing heavily on my mind.

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But as our lunch continued and we kept sharing stories, I realized I REALLY needed a quiet time. I need me happy. I need to understand what kind of life I wanted to live for me. Not for my kids, not for my ex, not for my family, not for anybody else but myself. 

So before I went to bed I started a daily meditation. I put away all the negative, focused on the positive and really started to listen to what my mind, heart, and gut we're trying to tell me. The first lesson learned from this? It's not always easy to be quiet. I believe there's a reason we have so many distractions in this world and at the same time people seem more unhappy than ever. I believe it's because they don't do any self-reflection or sit with themselves to figure out what they want. They just numb the pain with distractions, medication, etc.

I made this diffuser blend at a time where I felt I needed the oils to support me on my journey of solitude and self-reflection. I am sharing it with you today because it really helps me. While they may not be oils typically used during medication, this blend works together very well and does a wonderful job in a diffuser.

 sweet marjoram origanum majorana

Solitude Meditation Blend

8 drops Lavender, Lavendula Augstfolia

8 drops Ylang Yland Oil, Cananga odorata

3 drops Sweet Marjoram Oil, Origanum majorana

Simply add a couple of drops to a diffuser and enjoy.


If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ve probably heard me say this before, but ylang ylang is one of my favorite oils. It is a great oil for mental strength, self-love and strengthening personal power.

Lavender is a comforting oil, so when I go into these meditations with this blend, it’s like having an old friend by my side. Plus, lavender calms nerves and agitation, helping to get into that meditative state.

Sweet marjoram, is both a nervine and decongestant. This oil helps in my breathing process during meditation. Sweet marjoram oil also promotes self-love and gives us the freedom to think outside the box.

I meditate about a lot of different things, but this is the blend I use when I really need to look internally. It really brings that thought process into focus and your mind and body together.

Organic aromas diffusers

If you want to make this blend for yourself and are looking for high quality, affordable oils, I highly recommend checking out Rocky Mountain Oils. (Also, check out Organic Aromas if you are looking for some beautifully made diffusers. I am so obsessed with them.)

But if you already give too much of yourself away and want this blend already created and ready to use, click here to purchase it from my shop.

I really hope you enjoy this blend and are able to deep dive within yourself when using it. What other things do you do to take time for yourself and process? Share below!

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