#5 Recipes and Ramblings: Crazy and Stupid

#5 Recipes and Ramblings: Crazy and Stupid

“Here is all you need to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is because men are stupid.” ~ George Carlin

I've always loved this quote. In my opinion, George Carlin always just said what everybody else was thinking but too afraid to say.

Today's blend is about joy and happiness, and how to create that in your relationship. (But what does that have to do with crazy and stupid!? Don’t worry, I’m getting to it!)

If you’ve been following me over the past few weeks, you’ll notice I’ve touched on communication before, but the question becomes, “How do I initiate that openness and communicate? How do I create that space between me and my partner to make open communication happen?”  These are the kinds of questions I asked myself, too, when I formulated this blend.

I tend to see this blend as a diffuser blend that is perhaps in the kitchen, or another room that you gather with your significant other. I suppose this plan could also be used when you have to have a conversation with one of your children, or another loved one where open communication is necessary.

spearmint gathered in a bowl on a table

This is a clean and citrusy blend. However, it has notes that are very joyful and encourage happiness. By encouraging happiness, you can encourage communication.

I have to say, I have been on a spearmint kick recently. I've never really been fond of spearmint flavored foods:  gum, mints, etc. but when I got my hands on this oil it changed my opinion of spearmint. This oil makes me happy, it makes me feel alive, and it makes me feel joyful. I would like to say I would shower in it, but you might do some damage to your skin LOL. (side note, don't ever use spearmint without a carrier.)

Okay, so to bring it back around, I named this recipe “Crazy and Stupid”, because while men are crazy and stupid, women can be stupid and crazy. This blend is meant to bring each other stupid and crazy together and into a joyful and happy place.

 young woman throwing up hat in field of flowers

Crazy and Stupid Diffuser Blend

2 drops grapefruit Oil, Citrus Paradisi

1 drop Petitgrain Oil, Citrus aurantium

2 drops Melissa Oil, Melissa officinalis

5 drops Spearmint Oil, Mentha spicata


All of these oils can be purchased at my favorite essential oil site, Rocky Mountain Oils, but if you are looking to have it made and shipped to you, click here to purchase it from my shop!

If you are looking for diffusers, below are some companies that I really like for diffusers. Remember what diffusers more expensive is not necessarily better - one of the best diffusers I have came from Amazon for $9.

Garu Nanda

Organic Aromas

InnoGear (Amazon)

Have fun making this blend and merging the crazy and stupid. 

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