#1: Recipes and Ramblings: Say No Strength Inhaler

#1: Recipes and Ramblings: Say No Strength Inhaler

“The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.” ~Tony Blair

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first of our weekly series called recipes and ramblings. This series we will give a quote by a famous author, leader or sometimes random person that speaks about a certain quality.

This quality is one that many of us go through daily. What I did was create an essential oil recipe to match each one of these quotes and qualities. My reason for doing this is that I think it's important for people to understand that just like essential oils can help with upper respiratory infections, they can also help our mental states. 

One day, when I was in a Facebook live, the issue of mental health came up. Without thinking, I jumped into the conversation by saying that there is no stigma about going to the drugstore to pick up an ibuprofen, cough, cold, or flu medication.

But why is this different when related to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and even insomnia?

Unfortunately, we are made to think that when our mind is ill, somehow there is something extremely wrong with us. The reality is, our brains and our minds work on nerve endings, different parts of the brain, synapses, and the like.

In the aromatic world, there are certain oils I would give you for an upper respiratory infection. There are also certain oils that I would give you for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

Depression and anxiety

This series will touch upon that, but also touch upon the subconscious. We will have recipes for strength, courage, kindness, and others. We all know we should be kind but sometimes it's really hard to get up in the morning and say I am going to be mindful today. I am going to be kind today.

How many times have you said, “please, give me strength!”? Well in this series, you will get oil recipes that have been known to give mental, spiritual, and soulful strength. I came up with these qualities based on five or six different authors, essential oil industry that I respect, and my own intuition.

Each recipe we'll have a product, certain oils directions on how to use it, and even how you can purchase the oils to make your own or a link to purchase a premade product in our store.

So, without further ado, our first recipe is on strength. It is very difficult to say no to people. In fact, it's something that most of us struggle with on a daily basis. We need to realize that sometimes saying no to someone else is saying yes to ourselves. And sometimes we really need strength to say no.

This blend is perfect in inhaler form. It’s important to not use more than 20 drops on the cotton wick, and personally I aim for 15 to 16 drops. When you pour an extra drop or two, it may leak out.

When I created this blend, I wanted it to be pretty. I gain mental strength by walking through a patch of wildflowers and wet grass after the rain. My goal for you when using this inhaler blend is to not just smell the oils together, but also trigger your scent memory for strength and empower your ability to say “no”.

 Lavender wildflowers

Say No Strength Inhaler 

6 drops Rose Oil, Rosa damascena

3 drops Lavender Oil, Lavandula angustifolia

7 drops Palmarosa Oil, Cymbopogon martini

Add the drops of oil onto the cotton wick of the inhaler. Sometimes I use a tweezer to wipe up the extra oil that may spill off the wick.


Always remember to label your products. I am the queen of not labeling things for myself. I do a lot of custom blending and I have these cute labels for my client that say custom blend with a white box in the middle to write the blend.

Well, all rules apply to everyone except me.

I had made a blend for low back pain and I made a blend as a facial oil. They were in the same sized bottle. Somewhere in my travels the bottles got switched and the low back pain blend ended up on my face and I immediately started to break out into rashes and hives.

I understood immediately what was happening once I smelled it. I just couldn't stop my hand in time. That slow-mo oh-no! So I went into the kitchen, got some olive oil to wipe it off and thankfully my face was fine. Since then, I label. I suggest you do, as well.

Essential oils and amber bottles

I am very particular about where I purchased my oils. During the series, you will see links to vendors of essential oil companies. I have personally used these oils in Custom Blends, in wholesale products and for myself and my family. I know and understand their quality and their testing and have no qualms about their products whatsoever. Plus, they are competitively prized with other experts in the field.

If you like this blend and want to make it for yourself, check out Rocky Mountain oils, or if you want a pre-made version, grab this exclusive blend by clicking here.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, my education and my knowledge of the Healing Art aromatherapy with you.

Questions? Feel free to send a message or comment below!


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