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Rosemary ct verbenone

Rosemary Verbone, Rosemary officinalis ct verbone

There are a few different chemotypes of Rosemary used in aromatherapy today. The two that we are most familiar with are Rosemary 1,8 cineole and Rosemary Verbone. There is a 3rd as well, Rosemary ct Camphor. 

Rosemary Verbone is the most mild of the Rosemary oils, and has a softer side than it’s other two counterparts. This Rosemary would be better suited for skin support than the other two chemotypes. This type is also stronger in supporting the digestive system. This is the most gentle of the three Rosemary’s and has more floral and subtle notes than the antiseptic scent of the other two types. Energetically, this oil is used as a psychic protector.


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