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Digestitis Rollerball

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Digestion issues are the number one condition we get asked about. This rollerball was formulated to support issues related to the digestive system. Can be used daily around the pulse points to support relief of bloating, flatulence and other symptoms.

Ingredients of fennel, galangal, bergamot mint , celery seed and rosemary round out this beautiful rollerball. 


Funny story about this rollerball, when Meredith came up with this formulation they wanted to make sure it worked. So she ordered a pizza, garlic knots and salad for lunch. Her and Rachel ate until they were not feeling well. It didn't help that Rachel is lactose intolerant, double trouble! They starting pouring the rollerballs right after they ate and within 15 minutes they felt absolutely fine. The fullness and nausea had decreased and both said things in their stomach felt just as they did prior to pizza fest!