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Aromatic Meditation and Treatment Session

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In our Aromatic Meditation and Treatment Sessions, we really look at what makes the body, mind, and spirit work together. We use Binaural Beat Hemi-Sync Meditation to put you in a relaxed state, a special blend of essential oils created just for you and your issue and either herbal tincture or tea to get you started.  These 3 together create a beautiful marriage of Body, Mind, and Spirit creating effective healing from the inside out.

We offer a few types to specialize in. There are over 300 titles to choose from in the meditations, 200 essential oils, and 140 herbs to get you to that sweet spot. 

The first time you come in you will meet with Meredith who will come up with a loose protocol so that you can come back and have the exact same experience. If you need to change it up to a different area (Digestive system to Immune for instance) we will start from scratch and may have more than one protocol.

You are also able to build your own based on your specific health concerns and desires.  You can check out here to pay in advance or just use the schedule and pay when you get here.

Please email Meredith@myfaeve.com with any questions. 



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