The Importance of Scent at Faeve

At Faeve we put a large amount of emphasis on scent. We do this because out of all of our senses, the sense of smell is the strongest for all of body mind and spirit. 

Our physical body is directly affected by our sense of smell. When we smell something, the smell goes directly to our brain, triggering a favorable or unfavorable response. On top of that, chemical components of certain aromas trigger a physical reaction as well. For instance, smelling a citrus tree and the fruit attached goes straight into our brain and bloodstream. Certain citrus fruits such as oranges have been proven analgesics (pain relieving), anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation), anti-bacterial (kills certain types of germs and non beneficial bacteria), anti- spasmodic (releases muscle spasms) and anti-viral (kills virus cells in our physical body). So although you are smelling a tree, that scent triggers all sorts of benefits to your physical body while you think you are just enjoying the scent.

The sense of smell directly correlates to our mental health as well. The chemical composition of many natural in nature scents work on our central nervous system to relieve feelings of depression, anxiety and sadness. Studies have shown that the main components of Lavender for instance, have both sedative and anxiety healing properties. 

Our sprit is directly triggered by scent. How many times has a scent triggered a memory that either warmed or hurt your spirit? Our spirit, life blood, chi is directly affected by our moods made from memories. Think about the rose flower. In history, the scent of rose was used to heal despair, ease shock, soothe anger and bring feelings of love. All which contribute to our sense of self and our spirit. 

At Faeve, we are very particular why we use the scents we choose. We do not choose the scents because they are "on sale" from our distributor or because they are popular. Many times, when looking at our ingredients, you may find plant essences you have never heard of. This is because of the chemistry of the essence or oil. We are constantly researching the science of plants and their oils to give our customers the maximum benefit for their body mind and spirit.