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Do you have a clinical aromatherapist and certified herbalist on your health care team? If you are looking to advance your healing and integrate herbal and aromatic medicine into your wellness, working with a registered aromatherapist and herbalist can provide a boost to your health where pharmaceuticals have let you down or put you in danger.

But just as your prescriptions can have bad side effects, taking herbal and aromatic medicine for an ailment because you heard or read it helps can be just as dangerous. That is why it is important to work with a trained and experienced clinical aromatherapist and certified herbalist to know which ingredients work best for your conditions, without interacting with current medications or treatment plans.

The truth is, some herbs and aromatic medicines do not react the same in every body.

*Please note that Meredith is not a licensed medical practitioner, but will work with your current diagnosis to create your personalized plan.

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