Functional Aromatherapy®

Functional Aromatherapy ® vs Functional Medicine

To understand Functional Aromatherapy®, first it’s important to understand what Functional Medicine is.

Functional Medicine is when a Physicians doesn’t just treat the symptoms, they look at the root cause of a disease THEN treat the symptoms.

Example: If you have high blood pressure, a more commonly practiced course of treatment would be a pharmaceutical drug thrown at it. A Functional Medicine doctor wants to know the core of WHY your blood pressure is high, and will typically treat the case differently based on the person’s unique makeup by doing special testing to see why it is high. Then give a treatment to your specific needs.

A Functional Medicine doctor’s main goal is to get you and keep you in a state of homeostasis, aka keeping your body and all its functions in balance.

At Faeve, we use the term Functional Aromatherapy® to explain how we handle Aromatic and Herbal Medicine. Functional Aromatherapy® using aromatic and herbal medicine to support treatment of the root causes of your health issues.

The Benefits of Functional Aromatherapy®

We do this by addressing various issues including but not limited to:

Faeve Plant Therapies Functional Aromatherapy®

  • NutritionalTogether, we look at what you are eating, what your body is needing and how different herbs can give you what you need to support your needs.
  • Emotional: Essential Oil Therapy is amazing for emotional needs. However, every “emotional” oil is not for everyone. We work together to get to those root blends that you need for stress, grief, and pain.
  • Mental: Our lives are more stressed than ever before. Our diets are also worse than ever before. Did you know that sometimes mental stress and anxiety are intimately tied to certain parts of your nervous system? Guess what works the fastest on the nervous system?  Aromatic and Herbal medicine.
  • Physical: Pain. Muscle pain. Headaches. We are your herbal medicine cabinet. So many herbs and oils work for physical issues, however, there are so many safety issues you have to worry about as well. We want to help you with that.
  • Spiritual: Essential Oils and Herbs have been mentioned so many times in so many spiritual books and in literature. Meredith is a trained meditation teacher and past Hemi-Sync® Facilitator and also volunteers at her local Church. She understands Spirituality from both an Eastern and Western standpoint and can help you find the oils that can help you deepen your spirituality if that is what you desire.
  • Relational: Sometimes relational can fall under emotion or mental. Sometimes its relational with yourself. Those times that you can’t get out of your own way? Functional Aromatherapy® and Herbal Medicine can support you as you attempt to sort it out.
  • Energetic: There are some that enjoy the practice of Energy medicine, or medicine that helps move healing energy through your body. This is possible with Aromatic and Herbal Medicine, as well. Meredith training in Hemi-Sync® has prepared her for this part of Functional Aromatherapy®.
  • Immunological: There are 50 million people suffering from autoimmune diseases today. When your physician diagnoses you with one, there are so many questions regarding treatment options, especially “naturally”. This is the biggest area of concern here at Faeve, because one really needs to understand the chemistry of how an herb or oil works when it comes to these diseases. We can provide you advice so you don’t have to try and navigate it yourself.



Using Aromatic Medicine and Herbal medicine in your treatment process can be effective, healing, and calming. Knowing that you are doing right by your body is a great feeling. Contact us so we can help you get to that place of plant amazing!