Lake Sumter Landing Store Opening April 22, 2021

About Us

Our mission is to help you incorporate the right herbal & aromatic medicines to improve your health in a way that is unique to you. At Faeve, we embrace the multi-layered complexities, components, and science-backed results of herbal & aromatic medicine in every product we create.

Faeve Plant Therapies, LLC is a female-owned and operated business out of The Villages, FL that believes in using Functional Aromatherapy® to help you make educated, confident decisions in the plant-therapies you use, and believes in creating all-natural products that are better for you, safer for you, and have scientifically-proven results that create balance and healing support in your life.

The Journey of Meredith and Faeve's Beginning

For the last 12 years, Meredith Chesire, RA, CH has spent her life following a path that led her on an adventure to search out mindfulness, peace, and serenity in everyday busy lives.

With the support of her husband, Dr. Chris Cheshire, a doctor of Oriental Medicine, she was able to educate herself in the art and science of plant therapy, and discovered that certain products made it possible to achieve a type of simple bliss that is needed in today's come and go world.

Faeve is a company built on these tools and our Functional Aromatherapy® services and products assist you in finding mindfulness in the everyday. 

Naturally. Organically. Scientifically.

Having a husband who owns an integrative medicine practice definitely has its perks! Our support team consists of a Nutritional Therapist, a Western Herbalist, two Chinese Herbalists, a Functional Medical Doctor, and one of only four registered Aromatherapists in Florida. Expert advice from experts, along with the feedback of of our Faeve tribers, help us create better and more effective products!