About Us

Our mission is to help you incorporate the right herbal & aromatic medicines to improve your health in a way that is unique to you. At Faeve, we embrace the multi-layered complexities, components, and science-backed results of herbal & aromatic medicine in every product we create.

Faeve is a female-owned and operated business out of The Villages, FL that believes in using Functional Aromatherapy® to help you make educated, confident decisions in the plant-therapies you use, and believes in creating all-natural products that are better for you, safer for you, and have scientifically-proven results that create balance and healing support in your life.

The Journey of Meredith and Faeve's Beginning

For the last 12 years, Meredith Murdock, RA, CH has spent her life following a path that led her on an adventure to search out mindfulness, peace, and serenity in everyday busy lives.

With the support of her business partner, Dr. Chris Cheshire, a doctor of Oriental Medicine, she was able to educate herself in the art and science of plant therapy, and discovered that certain products made it possible to achieve a type of simple bliss that is needed in today's come and go world.

Faeve is a company built on these tools and our Functional Aromatherapy® services and products assist you in finding mindfulness in the everyday. 

Naturally. Organically. Scientifically.

Having an integrative medicine practice definitely has its perks! Our support team consists of a Nutritional Therapist, a Western Herbalist, two Chinese Herbalists, a Functional Medical Doctor, and one of only four registered Aromatherapists in Florida. Expert advice from experts, along with the feedback of our Faeve tribers, help us create better and more effective products!


What Is In a Name? The Story Behind Naming Faeve

During the Celtic Revival in the 19th and 20th centuries it was believed that fairies, or “fae” hid in gardens and were friends with all herbs and plants. It was also believed that these imaginary mythical creatures could cause good and debauchery all at the same time. The tale went on to state that fairies gave some humans their “fairy magic” and became people “of the fae”.

Meredith’s Mom Christine came from a long line of Irish women. Her great grandmother Margaret left Ireland and moved to Brooklyn, NY with her great Aunt Bess. As a child Meredith would spend her time there. Her favorite room was “the garden” which really was a patio on the outside of an apartment building filled with plants, flowers and herbs of all types. Some of the plants were so big, her 6 year old self would get lost in them for hours with her imagination.

Eventually, the elders, as Meredith calls them, passed. In high school, Meredith found herself drawn to etheric stories and worlds, and a love for the language of plants. Her mother was also an avid gardener and could be found outside most of the time tending to her flower flock. 

One day, Meredith went to her mother with a question regarding what we now know as intuitive feeling on the Myers Briggs scale. She asked her mom why she could see and feel things and why she was so drawn to the plant world.

Her mothers simple answer was “It’s your Fae blood”.

She pestered for more information and her mother would say nothing more. There was no internet at the time so she went off to the library. Nothing.

It wasn’t until almost 10 years later that Meredith was able to track down the history of the word Fae and how that fit into her life. 

In 2016, when Meredith took a deep dive into the medicinal plant world and all it had to offer she wanted to bring that heritage with her.

Her other great grandma from Ireland? Her name was Mae. From there, her daughter Maeve was named.

So she took the Fae from the Celts, the “ve” from Maeve, the next generation of what the Irish would call “fairy folk” and put them together to come up with Faeve. The best part was that it is pronounced as Fave, short for favorite, which her marketing professor would have been very proud of. 

This is what everything at Faeve is made from the purest most organic materials on the Earth. It is in Meredith’s blood and history to bring the plant world forward. 

We know now that some of the “gifts” of the fairy folk are 6th senses and  part of the Myers Briggs personality development but they didn’t know that back then. It’s still cool to bring that folk history forward.