Faeve Apothecary was our original line of all natural formulated products for health and wellness. Created with the top 10 most complained about symptoms in mind, we constantly research and find solutions to everyday health and wellness issues.

Our products are thoroughly researched, with each product taking almost 6 months to get to market. First, we identify a need. Then, we read books about the condition and talk to others in the medical field about the issues. Once that is complete, we go through clinical studies and peer reviews on our ingredients.

Only after that do we start getting into the lab to formulate the products. Then it's testing products for bacteria, fungus and shelf life. Then it's sourcing our ingredients at a decent price with great quality. After that, we work with our label designers and printers to get labels. Then, and only then do we go to the market.

That is Faeve Apothecary. Naturally, Organically. Scientifically.

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