The Unapologetic


The Unapologetic Empath brand was created in order to meet the needs of our customers that are more into spirituality and divination.

Meredith has been interested in all things spiritual and metaphysical from a very young age. Before the age of 35, Meredith had buried more than half her family including her parents and siblings. She needed to believe that these deaths were not in vain and that “we are more than our physical body”.

The year 2012, Meredith took her first class at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Va. This is a school that teaches advanced stages of meditation and awareness using sound. There she met more people like her and watched people transform from one person to another within a week. She continued to take classes up there for the next 4 years and became an Outreach Trainer for their programs.

That led her to research the top 5 religions in the world, including reading the Bible and Torah all the way through (that took a few years). She found that in all religions the basis of principles are the same, just the language and stories are different.

After the pandemic, we have found more and more people are having an "inner body” experience, where we are looking to our planets and the gifts it gives us to heal our mind, body and soul. The Unapologetic Empath is the brand that goes down that road.

Her newest research has been on the Tarot. She had read the history of the Tarot and the whole “crystal ball fortune teller” stereotype interested her. She, too, thought that these cards were a bunch of “newage” propaganda. It wasn’t until she started following Richard Knight out of the UK. Mr. Knight is the foremost tarot card reader in the world. He has been known to read for royalty, governments and celebrities. His take on 40 years of Tarot reading is that there is no “magic”, but our own intuitive energy choosing cards to answer questions and work with our subconscious. This made sense. She decided to study under him due to his no “new age magic” and professional and spiritual science behind the craft. She is now finishing up his Mastery program, where only a few are accepted yearly.

What most people don’t know is that there is plenty of science that backs up many of the “tools” that spiritualists use. There have been studies on near death experiences, sound healing, studies on the activity of the subconscious and more. This is the line that brings that information to you.

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