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Signature Scent Perfume Class

In this class we will develop our own signature scent using essential oils. 

Many of us enjoy our own favorite perfume. Just go into any perfume store and you can see the options are endless. 

Many "good" perfumes are costly and are mainly alcohol. Truth is, if they are using essential oils, then there is good reason for that.

At Faeve, we have a locked cabinet of "special" essential oils. Oils such as Jasmine, Vanilla, Rose, Neroli and the like.  The inventory cost on these oils are more than a mortgage payment. 

This is the class where we take them out. We learn about perfume notes and how certain scents blend with each other from a perfumers nose vs an aromatherapist nose. 

In this class you will learn all about certain scents, why they are so expensive and how to obtain them. In this class, we really hit home on plant sustainability as well. 

You will come out of this class with a 10 -20 ml alcohol perfume of your signature scent. This class is also the only class and time we being out the vault and offer these priceless oils for sale to the pubic at bottom line prices.

If you have a "special" and meaningful perfume bottle you would like to use instead, please feel free to bring it and we will find a way to make it work for you. 

This is a small group class. Only 4 people as given the amount of time we spend with the rare oils. 

Cost of class is $75.00

Class Dates & Times:9/26/23: 4-6 pm

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