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Faeve Plant Therapies

Modern Apothecary Box

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It's here! Thank you for asking us to do this!

We appreciate all of you supporting us. At this place in time and space, supporting local businesses is one of the most important things we can all do.

As we appreciate you shopping with us, we appreciate shopping local owned in the US as well. Many of our gifts are local businesses and we get our oils and materials from small local businesses as well. We all need to feed each other.

We wanted to do more....and you asked for more. So we have our solution....a local owned, women owned, minority businesses, USA manufactured and not sold on Amazon subscription box. 

So when you buy our box, not only are you supporting Faeve, you are supporting all the local people we buy items from so that they too, may survive. This has become very important to us.

So this is the first of our seasonal boxes. We will only be distributing 50 at this time until we get our hands wet.

The first box will be our "Winter" Box, filled with 10 or more items of aromatic elements, teas, gifts that represent our store and you, our customers. Think winter soaps, antibacterial items for the winter months, warm teas, jewelry, aromatherapy items, candles etc. 

Once these 50 are sold out, they are sold out. They will be ready for pick up January 1st. If you need them shipped please buy now and make sure you put your phone number and email in the form so we can call you for shipping once we are ready.

These will not be advertised on the internet, except here. The reason is because even buying 50 of one item may put extra pressure on some of these small companies and we don't want to overwhelm them.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this project. The cost of the box is $72.00, but the retail value is over $100.

There are no holds on these boxes. If you would like one, please order today!