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Meditation Gift Box

Everyday we hear about taking time out, time to be mindful. We are told to meditate and give ourselves grace. The questions really becomes, how do we do that?

Our Meditation Box is the perfect box to start that process. We have searched far and wise to give all the tools one would need to start their meditation process. Just add a pillow and maybe some soft music and you are reday to go!

This box includes:

  • A Celtic Meditation Candle
  • 2 boxes of incense- one stick and one cone
  • A ceramic incense holder for sticks and cones
  • A Faeve Meditation Rollerball 
  • A smudge kit to energetically clean your space
  • A set of meditation cards to start the process
  • A mantra stone that you can add essential oils to to remind yourself of your lessons
  • A crystal to absorb energy and give you focus
  • A bottle od Cedarwood Eseential Oil from Aromatics International

To buy all these separtaley would be $140.00. Get your limited box today!



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