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DIY Salves and Lotions Class

Did you know that making your own salve is the easiest way to make your own medicine for a variety of reasons?

In this class, we will learn about the most popular carrier oils and bases to make your own salve. We will learn how to infuse fresh plant material for a stronger therapeutic salve. When you are finished with this class you will be able to make salves at home. 

We will also be using our blending bar to make a salve that is individual to each participant. 

After creating a salve, we will discuss and then formulate a lotion made out of premade bases that are easy to purchase in big box stores. We will learn how to use this lotion as a base and add things to it so that it becomes more therapeutic and transforms it for other properties. 

Participants will leave with a 3.5 oz tin of salve and a 4 oz pump bottle of lotion. 

Please bring a pad or something similar to take notes. 

Price: $45.00 Max 6 people per class

Class Dates & Times:10/18/23 4-6pm

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