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Blooming Tarot Cloth with Flowers

Our Blooming Tarot Cloth offers a built-in guide to let your tarot spreads reveal their answers to you on our bed of blossoming flowers. Based on your question, intention, and direction, your reading will be as unique as you are. There's no wrong way to use this cloth, and whatever message you intuit is yours alone.

The center remains open to add your own tarot spreads, or altar tools within its' sacred space. Sometimes when we cozy up to our cloth we are all set to draw cards, but don't know what spread to use.

To help, we included a tarot spread infographic with eight of our favorite tarot spreads to try out as a handy reference guide USING your cloth's placements. It will look like a blooming field of opportunities. Your insert also includes the energy of the powerful flowers that inspired this cloth (snapdragons, dandelions, roses, cinquefoil saffron crocus, peonies, and sunflowers).


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