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April Rare Oils

To order the rare oils, please choose from the options below. 

Hinoki Oil: Available in 5 ml and 10 ml bottles. This is a scarce Japanese cypress oil. High in alpha-pinene and citronellol this would be a perfect oil in a rollerball for targeted areas such as knees. Its beautiful scent would also be excellent in any diffuser blend. 

Emerald Frankincense: This extremely rare oil is to be used for inhalation purposes only at this time. This is because there is not enough research on it in a topical application. As we have only a small amount in-house, this oil is very limited and we do not know when we will be getting more. The emerald color is due to its steam distillation in copper. This is the rarest Frankincense in the world.  This also has a very good amount of alpha-pinene in it, perhaps making it good for anti-inflammatory actions. 

Style:2 ml Emerald Frankincense

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