Prostatic SX natural prostate supplement
  • Better absorption
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Increased urinary flow rate
  • Less frequent bathroom breaks
  • Gluten free
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"Unlike most prostate formulas on the market, this revolutionary product's delivery system sends its high quality ingredients directly to the prostate."

- Dr. Christopher Cheshire

All pharmaceutical and natural remedies fail to address the proper delivery to the prostate. When taken internally, even the best of ingredients can struggle to survive passing through the entire body before making it to the prostate. Prostatic SX is a revolutionary new and all-natural supplement that is changing that and providing relief to those who struggle with enlarged prostates.

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Doctor recommended

Sleep through the night longer

Less frequent bathroom visits

All-natural ingredients

Dr. Christopher Cheshire, DOM

Dr. Christopher Cheshire has over 20 years of experience in Oriental Medicine, and has been serving The Villages for over 15 years. He specializes in chronic pain and orthopedic recovery, and is a registered nutritionist. 

Meredith Murdock Cheshire, RA, MH

Meredith Murdock Cheshire is one of only five Registered Clinical Aromatherapists in the State of Florida and a master herbalist. Meredith specializes in Functional Aromatherapy, and using all-natural, organic ingredients in her Faeve Plant Therapies line of pain creams, bath & body, custom medicinal blends. 


V33 suppository base, proprietary blend of essential oils

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