Aromatic and Herbal Practice Management Assessment

Are you an Aromatic or Herbal Professional that gets confused when it comes to numbers? You are not alone. 

Due to her previous career in the accounting field, Meredith can offer you her services to sit down and get your numbers straight.


Are you calculating overhead correctly? Is your accounting program set up properly? Do you actually know your Cost of Goods Sold? Do you have to calculate Sales Tax?  How much does your product really cost you to make? How much are your consulting services really worth? Can you afford to give away free product with your consults?

If any of these questions are a "yes", then you should sign up for this 1 hr consultation to go over your business.

Meredith started her career in the medical services industry. By doing this she had to understand overhead and cash flow for everything they did. At one point her and her partner we're measuring exam rooms to find out the cost of the room. Using typical ecomonic models and tweaking them for this industry, she has made the numbers portion of your business less scary and easy to manage.